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WSM - S2

'One of the few things Dad insisted on in 2008 when we asked for his approval to build WSM’s, was that we stick to his original mantra not to supply ‘kits’ for enthusiasts to build their own. This is exactly how he worked in period, and in that way he kept control of the build quality of each car bearing his name.'

Anthony Wilson-Spratt & Paul Woolmer 2009

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Introduction . .

In 1961 Douglas Wilson-Spratt designed an aerodynamic sports coupe based on the Austin-Healey Sprite that served as an effective road and racing car. The subsequent history behind the WSM marque is documented within this website, where also explained is the reasoning behind constructing a limited number of WSM S2 Spridgets. As in period, it became apparent there was a demand to be satisfied - the profile of WSM has risen, and since the appearance of two cars at the 1995 Coys Historic at Silverstone, it is no secret that the value of the original cars has increased. Ten of the fourteen original cars built survive today, and displays at events such as the WSM Rockingham Re-Union in 2001, Healey 50th in 2002, Healey International in 2004 and Sprite 50th in 2008 featured WSM's and contributed to the resurgance. The return from abroad of three cars further increased interest, and five WSM's on Fordwater Trophy grids at the Goodwood Revival broadened the appeal of the 50-year old design.

The Company . .

The first WSM company was set up by Douglas and Jim McManus at Delta Garage in 1963, and similarly two friends have combined forces in Bedfordshire to form WSM Cars LLP in 2010. Paul Woolmer has a close association and extensive technical knowledge with the Healey marque dating back 36 years, and Douglas's son Anthony has owned a WSM for 35 years. They met at the 1995 Coys Historic where Paul was racing 'BXN', the first Sprite to be influenced by WSM design. Paul owned and restored WSM 202, and the ex-John Sprinzel Sebring Sprite 'PMO 200'. He then purchased 'BXN' and encouraged the return of Anthony's road car WSM 301 to racing trim. The subsequent friendship was established around an appreciation of historic cars and the enjoyment that can be attained in their use on road and track.

The 'GT' and 'Sprint' S2 . .

The S2 cars follow the original production number manifest, and every car is designated a WSM chassis plate and a WSM build number on completion. The bodies are constructed in fibreglass and are direct descendants from WSM 203 in 1963 - the original mould having been taken from 203 to form the two lightweight fibreglass racers 205 and 206, and the final hands-on build by Douglas, WSM 208. All S2 cars are supplied with an integral roll bar, a measure that Douglas considered a necessity despite having raced open Bentleys with no more protection than a cloth cap and overalls. The 'GT' is prepared as a road car, while the 'Sprint' with spaceframe construction is aimed at competition use.

A WSM S2 can be supplied as a complete turn key car, or the bodyshell fitted to a chassis the customer provides. The donor car will be either quarter or semi elliptic sprung - for the ultimate 'WSM Sprint' specification, only a quarter elliptic chassis can be used.


WSM Cars LLP are currently in contact with the FIA regarding the S2 Sprint's eligibility for HTP papers - the discussions are very promising with a conclusion expected shortly.

The following are as per the original options list offered in the early 1960's -

'The WSM GT is an ideal grand touring car or dual purpose road and competition car . . '

' . . retains all of the donor cars original specification steel chassis including front bulkhead, front and rear wheel arches, footwell shut panels and boot floor. '

'The WSM Sprint is specifically designed to keep weight to an absolute minimum with competition as its primary objective. The list below covers items specified in steel, but replaced with aluminium alloy :

Front wheel arches, front bulkhead, drivers and passengers footwell, outer side and top panel, footwell floors, rear inner wheel arches, boot floor (not including the hump).

Additional lightening can be carried out to some of the remaining steel structure, which can for example include the A-posts and radiator mounts.

While two specifications are available, it is possible to include some parts from both to build to your requirements.

Costs will vary depending upon how much work is involved in preparing the donor chassis, if any, and the final specification of the car.

The minimum specification supplied is a finished rolling shell with all the items listed below fitted.

Price List 2021
To supply and fit the following to a fully prepared chassis * £24k
Body - Full fibreglass WSM Coupe bodyshell  
Bonnet - Fibreglass with hinge assembly, new Michelotti chromed catches and headlamp cowls  
Doors - Two fibreglass doors including new chromed external hinges  
Bootlid - Fibreglass bootlid including chromed hinges and lock **  
Dashboard - Fibreglass with aluminium instrument panel  
Front windscreen - Laminated glass with rubber seal and chrome filler  
Rear screen - 4mm Lexan with rubber seal and chrome filler  
Sidescreens - two aluminium framed with sliding Lexan panes  
Rear lights - standard WSM brake, side, indicator and registration plate lights  

*The chassis must have all outer body panels removed, including rear wings, B-posts and rear centre section. For a GT conversion, the outer half of the inner rear wheel arches are replaced with Mk 1 Sprite or round wheel arch Midget specification parts (please discuss before commencing preparation work). An original spec boot floor is also required. The chassis requires blast cleaning and painting. If in doubt re any of the above, please do not hesitate to ask.

**Please note - the boot lock is operated by a simple removeable T-bar handle and provides a lock but not a security lock

Blast clean chassis - To professionally clean and etch prime the finished donor chassis, including delivery and collection to and from the works £850.00
Preparation and paint - To prepare, prime and paint all outer surfaces with a solid colour of customers choice. With satin black interior and boot. Other finishes, including metallics, stripes etc costed individually £4500.00
Rear roll cage - A high specification rear roll cage, tailor made to fit the WSM shape. This does not include a rear diagonal £875.00
Full roll cage - A high specification full roll cage including door bars designed to fit the WSM body shape TBA
Contact us at tony@wsmcars.com orgpaul@wsmcars.com    
Designated Builds at 07/01/2021
WSM 401 S2 - Sprint / UK delivered
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WSM 406 S2 - Sprint / UK ordered
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