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Events Calendar 2015 WSM Cars Grid Qual Result
20th/22nd March Goodwood Members Meeting 60's Sports Cars 30m 202 / 207 30 30 / 15 22 / 9
29th March MGCC Equipe Mallory Park 1 x 30m 401 21 13 13
23rd/25th April Manx Classic 208 / 210 10   4 / 5
2nd May MGCC Equipe GTS Brands Hatch 1 x 30m MGB / 401 29 20 / 29 11 / DNS
3rd May MGCC Equipe GTS Brands Hatch 1 x 30m MGB / 401 29   9 / 7
9th May Harewood Hillclimb Open 405 2 73.04 / 73.06 72.78
30th May MGCC Equipe GTS Donington 1 x 30m 401 28 11 11
6th/7th June Harewood Hillclimb Classic & Vintage 405 5 73.05 72.91
20th June Equipe GTS Silverstone GP MGLive 30m R1 MGB/401/202/210 43 10 / 14 / 40 / 36 15 / DNF / 28 / 31
21st June Equipe GTS Silverstone GP MGLive 30m R2 MGB/401/202/210 42   9 / 12 / 35 / 33
21st June HDI Silverstone MGLive 50 minute BXN 25 9 DNF
12th July HSCC Brands GP Historic Road Sports 1 x 20m MGB 38 16 15
1st Aug BDC Silverstone Bic Healey Challenge 1 x 30m BXN 12 2 1
1st Aug Harewood Yorkshire Hillclimb 405 2 70.31 70.31
29th/31st Aug HSCC Oulton Gold Cup Historic Road Sports 30m MGB 24 12 9
5th Sep AMOC Equipe GTS Brands GP 30m MGB / 401 / 210 34 19 / 21 / 31 11 / DNF / 27
6th Sep AMOC Equipe GTS Brands Indy 30m MGB / 401 / 210 30 17 / 4 / 30 14 / DNF / 22
3rd Oct Healey Driver International Castle Combe 2 x 20m BXN 24 15 11 / 9
10th Oct AMOC Equipe GTS Silverstone National 40m MGB 27 16 11

AMOC Silverstone . .

'Equipe' GTS attracted 27 entries to HQ for a 40 minute season ender on the National circuit. Nigel Winchester's Ginetta G4 set the pace and the first five different brands of car all clocked 1m 12s.

Race - The Ginetta led for 12 laps hounded by John Andon's TR4, then Brian Arculus in the Lotus Elite while Tom Smith was climbing the leaderboard in an MGB customer car on demo. Arculus inherited the lead via Winchester's gremlins and Andon dropped out, but after the pitstops Smith built an unassailable gap to canter home 14s ahead of Arculus and Pete Foster's TR4 in third. The WSM MGB ended up in Nick Crewdson's MGB orbit for a few laps and continued the frolics of Brands Hatch until a WSM radiator hose signalled enough on the last lap down Wellington Straight and crossed the pitlane line 5th MGB home.

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Pit & Paddock

John Andon has parted with his MGB and is looking for a replacement steed to accompany his trusty TR4 . .

A seasons notice still leads to conundrums within the 'Equipe' GTS series as MGB 1840cc FIA-sanctioned capacity is next seasons mandatory norm, as will 998cc amongst the 'A' series machinery . .

John Pearson's blue MGB looked pristine courtesy of Crewdson expertise after its Brands pitwall bashing . .

Mrs Claus - if you can lay hands on a new helmet, seatbelts and HANS device for 2016, I'll be terribly good . .

Castle Combe Autumn Classic . .

The Healey Driver International grid celebrating its 25th anniversary had three Class C runners amongst the big Healeys, including BXN with Richard Woolmer at the helm leading the Class qualifying. The first race at 2pm saw Richard pipping Neil Hardy's Healey 100/4 for 11th, and the second race after John Moon's Lenham GT failed to start included a great scrap with Gordon Elwell in 'MEG' for 9th. The two Sprite's were valiant amongst the larger horsepower where WSM 202 owner Graham Robson shared a Healey 100/4 with Katrina Kyvalova.

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Busy Birthday Blues At Brands . .

Equipe GTS racing is usually close but this week-end had a season's worth of drama in just two races. The Aston Martin Owners Club celebrated 80 years, and GP circuit qualifying saw the dominant MGB of Tom Smith set pole in the damp by a massive 7 second margin from the TVR's of Robi Berberg and Rob Cull. The Alfa Romeo of Simon Moore impressed in 14th but WSM's underwhelmed with 19th (MGB), 21st (401) and 31st (210).

Race 1 - Smith held sway from the start and left the TVR's to scrap it out. Bernberg kept Cull at bay for 5 laps with Pete Foster (TR4) , Brian Arculus (Lotus Elite) and Martyn Corfield (Healey 100/4) in the mix. Hulett was raising WSM spirits in 14th but an errant MGB took both out on Clarke Curve. Cull toughed it out with Bernberg on the 5th lap and kept ahead before cracking on lap 12. Bernberg's glee was shortlived as Cull dived past on the last lap and was catching a stricken two-geared Smith by the flag. John Andon flung the TR4 from 15th to 5th, and Nick Crewdson's MGB was the perfect race-long playmate the WSM MGB needed as they squabbled over 11th.

Q 2 - Exploding differential oil on Brabham Straight from Cull's stricken TVR nearly did for first arrival Anne Read's DB2 and the WSM MGB next through, but several other cars were'nt as lucky. John Pearson's MGB was a casualty and the car was cannibilised to help other competitors after a session that also saw an MGB on its roof on Cooper Straight. Hulett posted 4th behind the Robin Ellis MGB and Arculus Elite, while Cull's repair was beaten by the clock.

R 2 - Hulett took advantage of the hole left by Cull's demise and took the lead from Ellis and a fast starting Peter Edney MGB for two laps. Arculus got into his stride and slipped through to lead on lap 5, and eked out a 3s gap by lap 13 and a safety car period to recover gravel-bound off's. Foster had climbed to 3rd and began to worry the WSM, and when the safety car peeled off Hulett's attack for the lead hit fluid on Brabham Straight and spun the WSM hard in to the pitlane wall. A red flag and ambulance attendance put paid to a continuance and Arculus took the laurels from Foster and Edney, while a bruised but unbowed Hulett contemplated the results of an unlucky week-end.

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Pit & Paddock

Thanks to David Hill for the use of the trailer, and Maggie Hulett for accomodation and catering

Good to see Henry and Andrew Paramor on Sunday - the 6'+ nephew folded in to the WSM MGB for an assembly area ride

Next race -Silverstone October 10th - WSM MGB with Equipe GTS

AMOC 80th Anniversary Race Meeting . .

WSM's join the strong 35 car Equipe GTS grid for the double-header on the Grand Prix circuit on Saturday, and the Indy course on Sunday. Ian Hulett with WSM 401 has ironed out the creases from Silverstone, and Clive Cocks makes a rare 2015 appearance with WSM 210 to pursue more Class 2 silverware. The eighteen Class 3 entries include the WSM MGB and perennial winner Tom Smith's MGB, while the TR4's of Pete Foster and John Andon will be squabbling for marque bragging rights in Class 4.

Oulton Park Gold Cup . .

The early arrival in Little Budworth of the WSM MGB corresponded with the driest two days spent at the scenic Cheshire track for a few years.The 60's Roadsport grid boasts some quick and exotic cars, on this occasion including four Lotus Elan's, two Ginetta G4's, Morgan Plus 8, Chevrolet Camaro, De Tomaso Mangusta and Porsche 911.

Q - The Elan S4 of Julian Barter rattled off a 2.02683 for pole against Kevin Kivlochan's Morgan Plus 8 time of 2.02813. The chasing pack were closely spaced down to the WSM at 2.12 in 12th at the head of the MG quintet which included Ian Burford's Lenham Le Mans.

R - Kivlochan staved off the Elan-fest for one lap before Roger Waite pierced the Morgan defence, Barter not used to a new clutch and dropping to fourth off the line. Patrick Ward-Booth put the quicksilver Ginetta G4 into third, while Barter took 5 laps to grasp a lead he kept to the flag from Waite 4 seconds in arrears. The Camaro of Nick Savage was cumbersome off the line but a monster on the straight and level. Supertanker-like in stopping ability, times were comparable with the WSM MGB overall, and in tandem with John Shaw's Porsche 911 they contrived one of the best contests on the grid and with grassy memento's from three abreast through Water Tower on the way to Druids. One second covered the threesome as Savage pipped the 911 and WSM over the line for 7th.

Pit & Paddock

WSM S2 owner Geoff Hill brought his Renault Gta V6 to take the heat off the WSM in the paddock

DW-S predicted a Jaguar win in 1988 after last spectating at their 1957 Le Mans success, hence the W-S's en masse were at La Sarthe to see Andy Wallace, Jan Lammers and Johnny Dumfries take the flag in the evocative Silk Cut livery . .


Jaguar Heritage displayed the winning XJR-9 at the Gold Cup, and as one of the Woodstocked 950,000 fans actually there in 1988, it was good to meet Andy Wallace at last (only Johnny Dumfries remains on that score, Lammers having presented trophies to the Equipe grids years ago).

New motorsport fans always welcome - the WSM caught Daniel Edwards' attention.

The Cable family - as locals are regular Gold Cuppers.

Manx resident Alfiste and driver Justin Wilson dropped by - resumption of competition driving due next season . .

as did Mustang owner Steve Thompson from the Isle of Man who promised to organise a race licence for 2016.

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Photographs courtesy of Geoff Hill and Richard Cable

Next race - Brands Hatch double header GP circuit and Indy circuit September 5th/6th - WSM MGB and WSM 401

Harewood Hill Climb . .

Geoff Hill and WSM 405 at the Yorkshire Speed Trophy event beat a few Caterham 7's before rain intervened and nullified subsequent runs. Changes to rear springs just prior have improved the set up on 405, and Geoff is convinced there is more to come despite a PB.

Bic Healey Challenge & AC Trophy 1st August Silverstone National . .

Putting BXN on the front row next to the Healey 100/4 of Martyn Corfield and ahead of Andy Shepherd's AC Ace put the cards on the table. Richard Woolmer then clung tenaciously to the Healey for 13 laps, the pair leaving the field in arrears, until the unfortunate Corfield had to pit for a puncture. He emerged to finish 9th, his only consolation being fastest lap, and Woolmer swept to an ultimately relaxed win with 27s in his pocket over Shepherd. WSM 202 owner Graham Robson was pleased with 5th in his Healey 100M, and congratulated the 19 year old on his maiden win. In the style of the late, great rugby commentator Bill McLaren . . 'there'll be celebrating in Roothams Green for sure' . .

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Bentley Drivers Club . .

BXN in the hands of Richard Woolmer could cause a stir on the Bic Healey Challenge grid amongst the Healeys and Ace's on Silverstone's national circuit. The ex-karter was out of luck when mechanicals blighted his last start at HQ in the WSM prototype, but watch this space if all goes well on 1st August . .

HSCC at Brands Hatch GP circuit . .

Watching F5000 and F1 machinery from the past blasting around the GP track under blistering sunshine on Saturday, and the WSM MGB jousting with 38 other entries on Sunday in the combined Historic Roadsports and Fiscar grid would normally qualify as a top notch week-end. Unfortunately Sunday's race upset the apple cart . .

15 minute Q - Kevin Kivlochan's Morgan Plus 8 topped the list, and Paul Tooms (Turner Mk3) in second showed he's not a one trick Elan pony. Robin Ellis and Neil Hardy flew the Fiscar flag in 9th and 10th, and the Kristy Brooks Elan and WSM guest entries were cosied up in 15th and 16th on row 8. Journalist Julian Balme in a borrowed Marcos was 17th on row 9.

20 minute R - Balme used some authors licence and moved forward ahead of row 8 prior to the red lights going out without incurring a penalty, but Kivlochan did'nt waste pole and had Tooms tied to his bumper after lap one. Hardy, and the Marcos GT of Johan Denekamp scrapped to 7th and 8th after two laps, the WSM was catching the errant Balme for 13th after the Milano GT of Mike Eagles expired on lap three, but then came a red flag for carnage at Paddock where four cars were beached after oil was liberally spread on the approach. The grid re-start took time to organise and cars were overheating, and when Robert Rowe's Elan could'nt respond to the lights out, an unsighted competitor collided hard with the rear of the Lotus. An ambulance on track is never good news but the HSCC say both drivers ok and injuries are minor. The result was declared after the original two laps and Kivlochan garnered extra championship points for driving home in the successful Morgan.

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Pit & Paddock

Cousin Ben Turner and daughters Emer and Bay enjoyed the event - at 9 and 6 years of age, petrol heads already . .

The Bristol of Healey 100M driver Nigel Grice attracted as much interest as the comp cars . .

No picture of ex-WSM 202 owner Brian Arculus' latest acquisition from Belgium. The Alfa Guilietta SVZ is a little jewel and qualified a respectable 26th, but since Brian says it replaces WSM 202 in his garage, I've got the hump . .

Next race Oulton Park Gold Cup 29th-31st August

WSM at Super Prix 12th July . .

The HSCC have healthy entries for the Brands Hatch extravaganza that includes historic Grand Prix, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula Junior and Formula Ford grids. The WSM MGB is involved with the Historic Roadsports selection on Sunday where the Lotus Elan's, Ginetta's and Marcos will rule the performance roost.

Rain And Shine at MGLive 20/21st June . .

Six WSM's endured the vagaries of the British climate at Silverstone, the nadir being torrential rain on Saturday for qualifying and race - not that conditions make much difference to leading MGB pilot Tom Smith as he took a customary pole and by some distance.WSM's were scattered in 10th, 14th, 36th and 40th, and race prospects around the 3.6 mile GP circuit were definitely wet.

Race 1 - Two formation laps were used to acclimatise, but essentially anyone mired behind the front row had zero visibility once the pack got going. Smith and James Cottingham (MGB) cleared off, while Pete Foster (TR4) and David Beresford (MGB) were best of the rest where acquaplaning in a straight line accounted for several retirements - Ian Hulett's WSM was one such victim and spun into the barrier at the end of Hanger straight. John Andon made light of his dislike of wet weather in the TR4 to climb from 26th to 13th, but for most it was simply survival mode, with the WSM MGB in 15th.

Race 2 - Starting from R1 finishing positions in warm sunshine saw opportunity for recovery drives from the back, the Lotus Elite of Robin Ellis to 6th and TVR of Rod Begbie to 2nd the standouts. Graham Robson in 202 and Clive Cocks in 210 both enjoyed tussles along the way, but Hulett's sprint to 12th and Richard McKoen's TR4 to 11th in pursuit of the WSM MGB in 9th were cut short as the red flag for Foster's upturned TR4 at the Loop brought a close to Smith's stroll at the front.

Pit & Paddock

Six WSM's with the Woolmer Classic Engineering encampment

Foster's roll dented every panel and took out the front windscreen, but was still driven back to the paddock with driver ok. Most concurred with 'Equipe GTS' organiser Rob Cull's assertion that Saturdays conditions were the worst the grid had raced in.

Significant WSM landmark - its 20 years since Tom Coulthard telephoned us in the Isle of Man to suggest we bring WSM 301 down to Silverstone for the Coys Historic to join BXN and WSM 210. Meeting Paul and Sharon Woolmer, and watching with Dad in the grandstand as BXN and 210 duked it out with the big Healeys, brought on the lightbulb moment. Dad tried out BXN for size for the first time in 33 years and since that day, we've traced WSM's thoughout the world, the people connected and raced the cars every year since. There's some truth in thinking Tom has a lot to answer for . . .

Next race WSM MGB at Brands Hatch HSCC Super Prix July 12th

WSM at Classic & Vintage Harewood Hillclimb 6th June . .

Our Yorkshire correspondent Geoff Hill and WSM 405 were pitched in with two Porsche's, an Alfa Guilietta and a lightweight Sebring in the Classic Sportscar pre-1972 class. Although second only to the rapid Sebring by 1.5s, a fractionally slower time than the 9th May performance and nearly 3 seconds away from his PB in 405 prompted investigation into WSM handling issues. It revealed rear springs needing further tlc or replacement to resolve before the next visit in August.

'Equipe' at Donington . .

Ian Hulett took WSM 401 to Donington on Sunday and qualified a healthy 11th of 28 on a wet but drying track for the 40 minute pit stop race. MG Motorsport's Tom Smith was the usual benchmark and set pole on his 10th circuit of the National track, but the majority of mortals left their best to later including the TVR of Rod Begbie in second.

Race - Smith got away to lead, and Hulett was a promising 5th in to Redgate and 4th until a misfire kicked in on the third lap. Begbie was making Smith work harder than usual and the two swopped places until the 12th lap where Begbie's challenge remained but largely though hope of a Smith mistake. Ex-WSM owner Brian Arculus took back 4th from Hulett and kept Pete Foster's TR4 at bay for 3rd, the WSM slipping back to 11th. Smith was simply imperious and occasionally stretched the margin to Begbie through traffic to the finish.

click on for results

Thanks to WSM 402 owner Lorraine Noble-Thompson for the pic

Next race - MGLive at Silverstone with WSM's 202, 210, 401, 402 and MGB on June 20th

Chain Gang 24 Heures du Manx . .

The 3FM kart qualified first of five corporate entries, courtesy of hotshoe Lyndsay Wagner. Tactics revolved around 90 minute fuel tank duration and as few stops as possible. Being maybe the only opportunity to take part in a Le Mans-style start, all went well until the drive chain fell off during the second driver stint with Matty Mathieson-Nelson at the helm. Although only 3 minutes were lost, the chain threw a fit 10 minutes later causing a 20+ minute delay for a permanent fix. Dougie Kinrade took up the fight and through to 9pm the 3FM entry was steadily catching up.The night shift of Chris Hayes, Paul Swales and Rory McCann had the worst of the weather, but the best of the track conditions for the 3FM kart - the hire karts are heavier than the 20 regular race team machines - and made up big chunks of time with three great drives to lead the corporates.

Timing issues late on Saturday night caused the organisers to change systems and treat post-1am as a separate race and amalgamate results at the conclusion. Hence the night squad held 13th spot in amongst the warm shoes at 7.30am, but the track was virtually dry as Dougie kicked off the day shift. One lap plus seconds separated 3FM from their nearest quarry when stock car devotee Matt Fletcher took up the running, but even a late tactical switch could'nt make up the deficit. The Fastest Lap trophy (Corporate) went to 3FM's Lyndsay and contributed in some way towards a 'thank you' to Deana Douglas and 3FM for setting up the team.

23rd May - 24 Heures du Manx . .

Local radio station 3FM are one of twenty four kart teams entered for the third running of the round the clock race on the Jurby circuit in the Isle of Man. 3FM's glamorous Deana Douglas had no trouble recruiting drivers for one of five corporate entries - the customer and staff orientated team includes stock car racer Matt Fletcher, kart racer and Jurby lap record holder Rory McCann, Robinsons petrol head Matthew Mathieson-Nelson and Manx F2 stock car champ Dougie Kinrade. The twenty championship teams have faster karts (unless it rains), so it will be a battle between the five corporate selections for bragging rights. The Le Mans-style start is flagged away at 12.00 on Saturday with drivers sprinting across the track.

09/05 Harewood Open Hillclimb . .

Geoff Hill and WSM 405 were unfortunate to be classified as a 'Modified Specialist Car over 1700cc' alongside a Caterham lookalike - his very competitive times would have midfielded easily in more relevant classes. To cheer him up, his times beat a clutch of Ferrari 308 and 360 Modena exotica . .

2nd/3rd May Equipe GTS at Brands Hatch MGCC . .

Q - WSM 401 was sidelined after a misfire at the beginning of morning practice, and the WSM MGB hit fuel feed problems half way through the session on Saturday to qualify 20th. Rob Cull's TVR Grantura took pole from Peter Barnard's Elva Courier, but the TR4 of Pete Foster with a gearbox change looming managed an ominous 6th.

R1 - The eureka diagnosis on 401 came too late for the race, but the WSM MGB got off the line in a hurry and in the top ten only to drop back with a recurring fuel issue after 18 laps of carousing with John Pearson's MGB. Up front Brian Arculus lead a Lotus Elite one-two from Robin Ellis after Barnard, Foster and Cull retired, with Richard McKoen's TR4 a lonely 3rd.

R2 - Grid set according to place in race one, Barnard, Hulett and Foster were starting from the back, but a slightly greasy track and a changed gearbox saw Foster cut swathes through the pack. The Elites were away and presuming clear but by lap 12 Foster was on Ellis's case, and despite doughty defence from Arculus, the TR was ahead of both on lap 16. Peter Edney slewed father George's MGB up to a valiant 3rd briefly, but Arculus had enough in the tank to pinch the final podium spot. The Hulett WSM caught Paul Latimer's MGB for 7th, ignoring team orders in passing the WSM MGB sulking in 9th.

Pit & Paddock

  • Graham Bates won the motor racing equivalant of rugby's Golden Ball by completing two races trouble free, but then scraping his exhaust off whilst loading the race car on to his trailer.
  • Maggie Hulett remains hostess par excellence, sharing her motorhome with a third party and catering to the visiting cuckoo. Thank you.
  • Good to see Sebring fan Martin Ingall (thanks for pic) and author John Baggott checking out the wheels.
  • Felt for Brian Bedford and Andy Actman after substantial damage to both cars following a spin at Paddock and collision in the Sprite-Midget Challenge.
    Madames to the fore in looking after Equipe GTS drivers and guests at the paddock bbq on Saturday - Merci

23rd/25th April Manx Classic . .

The largest class of the event (2a) saw a clutch of second places for Sprite pilot Ian Hulett who only just failed to knock Dave Musgrove off his Cooper S perch. The WSM of Clive Cocks (left) was 6th in the Grandstand Sprint, but pipped for 4th at Creg Willey's and 5th over the Lhergy Frissell by WSM 208. The Lotus Elan of Alan Bankhurst was one of few casualties with an off at the Gooseneck, and for plain old fashioned drama the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro of Steve Thompson and Tim Boles cut the decibel mustard.

Three Legs Prepared . .

Entries confirmed for local WSM 208 and Clive Cocks in WSM 210 (left) for the Manx Classic 23rd April, and the ten-car Class 2a for pre-1968 under 1500cc includes Ian Hulett in another Sprite. Ballasalla's Dave Musgrove holds Class records for the three events and will be the man to beat in his Mini. Bugatti's are over in strength and there are the usual Frazer Nash and Morgan suspects amongst the older vehicles.

29/03/2015 Mallory Equipe Opener . .

An eventful start to the season for Ian Hulett and WSM 401 at the MGCC meeting. Weather was windy with showers, and a throttle problem in practice caused offs at the Hairpin and subsequently 13th qualifier, with Tom Smith 3 seconds clear on pole in the MGB. Ian made up a few places off the line but the balance of the car was not right and lost those places progressively during the race. A spin into Gerrards after 30 minutes did'nt lose much time, but then one of the Hulett nine lives came in handy when Robi Bernberg in a TVR got a tank-slapper out of the hairpin, swiped Jonathan Smare's Lotus Elite and went hard into the tyre wall. The Elite then spun and just missed the WSM. Tom Smith won having lapped the entire field, even with David Beresford showing the Fast Moustache is no slower than last year in second place.

click on for results courtesy of TSL Timing

22/03/2015 Les Leston Cup . .

Qualifying was made tricky with oil dumped by the previous grid, but most of Portland Cement's annual output was distributed and TVR Grantura's and Lotus Elan and Elite's topped the table. Ian Burford was quickest Spridget in the Lumbertubs at 8th, with David Wylie's Speedwell 11th and the Healey 3000 of photogenic Katarina Kyvalova in 12th. Rae Davis had minor issues with WSM 207 in 15th and Graham Robson in WSM 202 was on a steep Goodwood learning curve in 30th.

Begbie made pole count and held sway for 7 laps as the pack jostled. Davis spun out of 8th on lap 3, then Robson girated while disputing 23rd with Ivan Dutton's TVR - a very public process near where Jim Lowry in WSM 202 performed similar tricks in 2006. Chris Ryan from 6th in Barry Sidery-Smith's MGB Le Mans passed the squabbling William Penrose TVR and Robin Ellis Elite for 2nd, and outfoxed Begbie on lap 8 to take a lead to the flag. Davis and Robson recovered to 9th and 22nd, but Wylie, Kyvalova and Burford posted DNF's.

click on for results

27/02/2015 Goodwood Members . .

The first WSM's in action in 2015 will be WSM 202 and WSM 207 at the 73rd Goodwood Members meeting in March. The Les Leston Trophy for 1960-66 British-built Production Sports cars will have WSM v TVR v Austin-Healey v Triumph TR, and significantly the series 2 Lotus Elite registered DAD 1O in which Les Leston won the 1961 British Sports Car title.

14/01/2015 Leaky Calendar . .

A few more fixtures highlighted for the season as Ian Hulett with 401 and Graham Robson with 202 make known their intentions, and for a change they're strictly honourable. There's potentially four occasions when WSM's are at Brands Hatch, otherwise an equitable mix around the country.