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Events Calendar 2013 WSM Cars Qualify Grid Result
6th April AMOC Equipe Silverstone National 30 min MGB 5th 30 7th
7th April MGCC Ecurie Donington Park 45 min MGB 10th 29 14th
21st April VSCC HRDC All Stars Silverstone National 30 min 401 / MGB 7th / 13th 26 4th / dnf
25/27th April MMRC Manx Classic Three Hills 208 / 210     c 4th/6th/2nd
4/5th May MGCC Ecurie Brands Hatch Indy 2 x 30 min MGB 26th 31 14th / dnf
11th May AMOC Equipe Oulton Park 30 min MGB 6th 38 7th
15/16th June MGCC Ecurie Silverstone GP MGLive 2 x 30 min MGB 29th 51 dnf / 23rd
6th July AMOC Equipe Brands Indy 30 min MGB 17th 33 8th
6th July HRDC Allstars Brands Hatch 30 min 401 16th 31 dnf
1st Sep HRDC Allstars Donington 30 min MGB 10th 30 dns
7th Sep MGCC Ecurie Oulton Park 40 min 208 24th 24 dnf
22nd Sep FISC Circuit des Remparts 210 / 401 8th / 6th 15 7th / 4th
28th Sep AMOC Equipe Snetterton 300 30 min 208 18th 21 10th

28/09/2013 WSM Basking With 'Equipe' GTS . .

Wall to wall sunshine on three consecutive occasions now, and the closing event for the AMOC-based pre 66 sports and GT cars season was a 30 minute race on the Snetterton 300 circuit, the Norfolk venue infamous for less clement weather -

Q - John Andon and Pete Foster finished off the season just as they started at Silverstone in April - almost inseparable at the top of the standings and leaving the MGB cohorts in their wake. A failed water pump gasket relegated WSM 208 to 18th.

R - Andon's start was solid enough to keep any Foster surprises at bay, but 8th qualifier Gordon Elwell's Spritely appearance in Andon's orbit at the first corners did startle the TR4 pilot. The MGB's of Peter Edney, John Yea and Will Linley restored normal order on lap 2, but Elwell appeared to have the measure of Linley when the MGB expired in the pits after 6 laps. Andon clinched another mighty tussle with ex-airline pilot Foster, while Edney completed a lonely vigil in third. WSM 208 made a reasonable getaway, but after Andrew Mitchell's lap 2 demise in the Alfa Giulia Sprint, it was a solitary run to 10th.

Pit & Paddock

Elwell met up unexpectedly with Tony Shaw (right) who sold 'MEG' to him in the 1960's. A 'thankyou' to both gentlemen as they helped fix a problem with the WSM Sprite that had curtailed practice . .


A double take as I saw in profile what transpired to be a JWF Italia - circa nine made of fibreglass in Australia and based on Healey 100's. Owner Daniel Wood has competed with the HSCC, and today the AMOC '50s Sports Car grid. Drum brakes and a heavy fibreglass body conspired against success in Maserati and Lister company . .

Click on for results, courtesy of TSL Timing

22/09/2013 FISC at Angouleme . .

Upbeat comment from WSM racers Ian Hulett and Clive Cocks after the Circuit des Remparts - high temperatures, good racing, big crowds, and a breathaliser before events summed up an entertaining week-end. A mixed bag of rivals on the FISC grid included Caterhams, Lotus Elan and Europa, Marcos, MGB's and Morgan's, and for the Sprite's a 5.3 diff was the one to have for the twisty and narrow street course 25 minute races. Brakes took a caning, and Paul Freeman in the Alexander Sprite is quoted as saying 'Its not for the feint hearted !' Hulett's 4th earned a spot on the final grid of the day for the top four from a variety of other sports car grids. The Alexander Sprite suffered overheating, much as spectators did who had to be attended to by ambulance . . . .

pictures courtesy of Paul Webb, Ian Hulett and Paul Freeman, including the one of Michelle Obama incognito . .

07/09/2013 MGCC Oulton Park . .

The trek North for some was rewarded by fair weather and virtually none of the forecast downpours - Ecurie GTS practice saw Scott Quattlebaum nearly a second clear of Rod Begbie's TVR Grantura, but WSM fortunes got no better as a misfire dogged 208 and a back row start in 24th.

Race - Quattlebaum's Elva Courier was dominant for 40 minutes, especially after Begbie's TVR on lap 2, the Halstead/McPherson Turner on lap 11 and Pete Foster's TR4 on lap 12 dropped out, while MGB-shod Will Linley suffered a 10s jump start penalty and a dnf. The WSM got up to 15th after five laps before timing gremlins gradually cut power, leaving MGB playmate David Russell-Wilks clear for a 10th place finish.

Pit & Paddock

Appreciation and thanks to Alan Cameron who diagnosed his Class rival's problem . .

John Pearson generously offered Graham Bates' spare hotel bed to AW-S . .

Bates suggested AW-S could make other sleeping arrangements . .

Ex-airline, now TR pilot Pete Foster boning up pre race . .

Next race Snetterton 'Equipe' GTS Saturday 28th September (300 circuit)

01/09/2013 Donington SuperStars . .

The HRDC Allstars grid enjoyed a high profile Sunday alongside some illustrious names in more modern motorsport - three ex-F1 drivers and BTCC and WTCC winners amongst the 500bhp V8 Touring cars. The Allstars grid attracted a healthy 30 entrants to the GP circuit for a 30 minute race, and practice was headed by the TVR Griffith of Mike Whitaker. Getting the WSM amongst a top-ten that included AC Cobra, E-Type, Marcos 1800 and Mustang was promising, but a smoke-filled cockpit at the end of practice and subsequent diagnosis revealed terminal engine failure.

Whitaker strolled to a comfortable win, but only after the Cobra of Michael Squire initially led. Pictured left, as usual 402 getting the attention while in the background investigation underway on the WSM MGB . .

06/07/2013 Aston Ton Up at Brands Hatch . .

The WSM MGB and WSM 401 joined the Aston Martin Centenary event at a packed Kent circuit, but their fortunes were diverse. A lacklustre 16th practice time on the HRDC Allstars grid for Ian Hulett was subsequently attributed to an electrics glitch, while the WSM MGB never found the sweet spot amongst the 'Equipe' GTS traffic in 17th where Peter Barnard set pole at 58.8s in his rapid Elva Courier - the next 17 places were covered by just one second on the 33 strong grid.

Race 1 (HRDC) - Huletts pace took him up to 10th amongst a morning grid where TVR Griffiths, Marcos and AC Cobra dominated, but engine failure after 17 laps saw the usually reliable WSM parked up.

Race 3 (Equipe) - John Andon and Pete Foster took the fight to polesitter Barnard, and the WSM leapt up to 8th and scrapped with the John Pearson MGB until the race was red flagged to recover cars scattered in various hot spots. The re-start saw the WSM jump to 3rd until the straight line speed of William Plant's Morgan Plus 4 and Dominic Spicer's TR4 told, and the scrap with Colin Elstrop's TVR Grantura for 4th was gloves off and filmed from on-board camera's until Elstrop's racecraft found a gap. Mugged on the last lap as Mark Hoble's Morgan Plus 4 squeezed the WSM for 6th, eighth place was subsequently disappointing as the Pearson MGB outstripped the WSM on the last lap. Foster triumphed by a nose from Barnard and Plant at the flag after Andon retired with overheating.

Pit & Paddock

Woolmer Classic Engineering ran Aston Martin, Healey 100 and WSM

Exploring the GP circuit was an evening 'must do' for the children

The classic Brands shot

Photographs courtesy of Noel O'Reilly

Kelvin Martin's Aston Martin Speed losing some at Paddock in the Pre-War team Challenge

Click on for results courtesy of TSL Timing

Next races September 1st HRDC 'Allstars' at Donington, September 7th 'Ecurie' GTS Oulton Park

16/06/2013 WSM at Spa Francorchamps . .

Ian Hulett flew the WSM flag at what many believe to be motorsport's best track -

'The grid consisted of three race series - FISC, Trophee Maxi 1000 and Asave challenge - a total of 49 cars. Chris Dear bought his Mk 1 Midget over for the race, blew up his tow van close to the circuit, then blew his Sprite up in practice. He was unable to recover his spare engine until after the first race and got it fitted in time for the second, but then a recovery truck came to take his tow car and trailer back to the UK before the start of the second race and would not wait !
There was a varied FISC entry totalling 15 cars but Pieter Bakkers Sprite broke its engine in testing and took no further part. I ran the WSM on A48R tyres on alloy wheels for the first time. Practice was on Saturday evening and I managed a 3:05, the car being fast down the straights but a handful on the quicker corners.
On the rolling start I was behind Paul Castaldini's Jaguar lightweight which broke a drive shaft on the way to La Source and slowed our side of the grid, resulting in a few lost places, so the focus for the rest of the race was trying to make those up. There was a lot of oil down which precluded fast laps and the race was stopped ten minutes short when a Porsche spun and caught fire at Eau Rouge. The WSM finished 3rd in FISC, 14th overall.
Second race was last in the programme on Sunday, starting in the finishing order from race one. I got a much better start and chased down two of the Lotus Sevens in the FISC race. With the demise of the Morgan that won the first FISC race (clashed with a Mini on the first lap) it meant I finished 1st of the FISC cars and 6th overall. There were separate podiums for each race so I got the flowers, champagne, a cup and the national anthem !

15/06/2013 'Ecurie' Double Header at Silverstone . .

The curates egg was hatched again as varied fortunes befell WSM and compadres. The MGLive annual jamboree lived up to previous efficient organisation, and the marshalls, guides and helpers were typically good humoured and welcoming. The weather was not so reliable, and both days were tainted with regular and sometimes strong rain.

Practice - the largest grid of the week-end with 51 cars saw the Elva Courier of Scott Quattlebaum set an astonishing pole in the dry almost a second clear of the MGB's of James Cottingham and Brian Lambert. Previous pace setters such as Pete Foster and Malcolm Gammons were adrift by another couple of seconds, while the yardstick MGB driver Tom Smith suffered head gasket problems and would only start from 43rd position.

Race 1 - A battle royal as Robi Bernberg's TVR Grantura took the lead from 4th spot on lap one, but Cottingham wriggled past on lap two. Quattlebaum found his qualifying form and headed from lap 3, but Gammons was closing, while Cottingham seized an opportunity on lap 7 to lead the squabble once again. Gammons pounced and took the spotlight on lap 9, but Quattlebaum settled matters with a blistering 2.37s on lap 11 which kept him clear of the hounding MGB's where Gammons was fending off Cottingham. Smith battled up to 6th place, and debutant Richard Woolmer in the Sebring Coupe delighted family spectators with a mature drive to 19th. The WSM MGB was nerfed off on the last lap by an errant MGB for a dnf, but unusually amongst the 'Ecurie' grid, was not alone in receiving panel damage.

Race 2 - An unfortunate start line accident took out the Le Mans Triumph Spitfire of Alastair Pugh and the Spitfire of Jeff Handley, but both drivers were ok and a safety car period allowed the track to be cleared. On mixed track conditions, the outstanding talents of Smith from 6th were always going to shine if the car proved reliable. Quattlebaum found the going trickier, while again Gammons and Cottingham, skilful as ever, acknowledged the Master of the MGB racing universe is still the MG Motorsport-shod Tom Smith. The WSM MGB completed a comfortable midfield race and settled the previous days outstanding score, while Woolmer again impressed by climbing to 6th before a misunderstanding at Copse left him last lap gravel trapped.

Pit & Paddock

Oxfordshire resident and ex-WSM owner Mike White supported the brand again

Friend and aviator Chris Parker is recovering well from a nasty fall, and attended MGLive as in previous years

The lovely Brabham Sprite of Paul Webb

Paul and Malcolm deliberate over Mick Darcey's MGB GT

Woolmer Classic Engineering had a successful week-end

Mick Darcey and Sharon Woolmer in cahoots by Healey 100S of David Large

Jonathan Abecassis won the FISCAR Historique Intermarque

Click on for results courtesy of TSL Timing

Next races July 6th/7th Brands Hatch AMOC Centenary on Indy and GP circuits

11/05/2013 'Equipe' GTS at AMOC Oulton Park . .

The vagaries of British weather truly materialised as practice got underway, and less than half the session was of any practical guidance as rain and oil hampered times. The combined 50's Sports Cars/Equipe qualifying left Will Linley's MGB on pole, well ahead of the TR4's of Pete Foster and Martin Brewer, with the WSM and Mark Hoble's Morgan Plus 4 tied up in 4th and 5th. Foster and Linley were hammer and tongs off the start on a dry track, with the WSM getting the jump on Brewer and a puzzling Aston Martin DB2 addition that had apparently practiced out of session and started 4th. Linleys MGB failed after 5 laps leaving Foster relatively comfortable, but aware that a charging John Andon was threatening. Hoble and Andon headed the WSM through City Hall approaching Druids, but oil on Island bend caught out the WSM on the next lap and dropped to 7th. Hail and rain then complicated Andon's attack and Foster eased to victory, with Hoble deservedly taking the remaining podium spot.

Pit & Paddock

India Clegg continued her quest for an International licence for the 2013 Le Mans Legends and safely negotiated another signature in the Sebring Sprite S 221. After qualifying problems, Brian Arculus finished 4th with his Lotus Elite (Allstars grid), and 6th in the Hillman Minx (Touring Greats).

Click on for Autosport report Click on for results, courtesy of TSL Timing

Next race 'Ecurie' GTS at MGLive Silverstone 15th/16th June

04/05/2013 'Ecurie' GTS at MGCC Brands Hatch . .

There's not many better venues when the sun is shining than the Kent amphitheatre - an involving circuit wrapped in green countryside with great spectating - so no surprise when the MG Spring race meeting paddock appeared full to capacity. The TVR Grantura of Rod Begbie topped practice (58.225s) by a fraction from MGB hotshoe Tom Smith, and indicative of the competitive nature of the grid, only in 22nd place did times reach 62s.

Race 1 30 mins - Smith got the jump and lead until pole man Begbie seized on an opportunity on lap 11. It was'nt to last as unlucky 13th lap for Begbie saw Smith dive pass. The fight never went out of the TVR pilote and twice he nosed ahead, only for Smith to reassert and keep less than a second in his pocket to the chequered. John Andon (TR4) doggedly fended off a charging Malcolm Gammons (MGB), who had missed practice and started from the back, until the Triumph defences were spent 3 laps from home - Gammons received Driver of The Day for 3rd place. The WSM MGB misbehaved in practice and qualified 26th, but slightly redeemed herself with a run to 14th.

Race 2 30 mins - Smith had an easier time following Begbie's demise on lap 9, and even Gammons could'nt match the MG Motorsport ace. The TVR flag still flew with Robi Bernberg putting his Grantura on the podium, a task achieved with the help of Andon's retirement 6 laps out. Picture right courtesy of Dennis Wharf.

Pit & Paddock

Author John Baggott paid a welcome visit.

Jonathan Abecassis (Healey 100M) joined the FISCAR grid . .

WSM 202 owner Brian Arculus won the 50's Sports Car race from pole in his Lotus Elite

Next race 'Equipe' GTS at Oulton Park AMOC meeting Saturday 11th May

25/04/2013 Spritely Manx Classic . .

An invasion of various Sprites and Midgets from the 'adjacent island' filled Class 2a, and 87 entries overall was an increase for the third year running. Sunshine, rain and snow during the three events did'nt prevent a raft of course records, and the organising Manx Motor Racing Club deserve the proverbial pat on the back - the efficiency and friendliness were second to none, and Lhergy Frissell remains the ultimate hill climb challenge. Click on for results.

JAmerican John Gross brought his Elva Courier

Young fan Elle Brannan would like to have kept the WSM

Lovely local resident Mrs Jones brought out tea and coffee in Ramsey

'Mustang' Elle's second favourite car

Nick Barnes aka Nick The Blaster with Lenham Le Mans Coupe

Photographs courtesy of Paul Webb and Martin Brannan

23/04/2013 Silverstone All Starred . .

The Vintage Sports-Car Club 'Spring Start' event was for the first time a two day event, and the GP Italia Trophy race meeting also celebrated the race career of George Abecassis. A stellar line up of racing machinery within the paddocks and garages was supplimented by a Bonhams display of forthcoming auction items, amongst which was a one-off Bertone modelled Aston Martin DB4GT 'Jet' expected to attract above £2.8m. The George Abecassis Centenary Trophy drew cars which George raced, and competed against in the period 1938-56, and included grandson Jonathan driving a Healey 100/4 (right).

15 minute practice saw thirty-six cars on the HRDC Allstars entry, and with a certain inevitability the 7 litre Ford Galaxie 500 of Bill Shepherd topped the times, but encouragingly close behind were the Wolfgang Friedrichs Aston Martin Project 214 and Milano GT of Jarrah Venables, while even Anthony Reid's talents could'nt close the 1.5s gap in the 4th placed Jaguar Mk 2. WSM's had'nt set the world on fire in 7th and 13th, and Ian Hulett agreed much finger pulling was in order for the race.

The Motors TV camera car was in 9th-qualifier Jo Allenby-Byrne's Mk 1 Ford Cortina, and caught a lot of Hulett performing his digit extracting. After Reid exited with mechanicals, and Venables pulled over with a trailing exhaust, the Mini Jem of Rae Davis was left defending third place from the improving WSM and less than a second separated the two at the line. Shepherd and Friedrichs had long since scarpered and Huletts progress was regularly monitored by camera crews. The WSM MGB had improved from 13th until a fuel pressure failure curtailed the run after 12 laps.

Pit & Paddock

Ex-WSM MGB owner Tony Bianchi in the 6.4 litre Farrellac Allard went well in the 50's Sports & Sports Racing Cars grid.

Brian Arculus (WSM 202) had the Lotus Elite let him down prior to qualifying with the Allstars grid.

Jim Lowry of Equipe GTS fame and ex-WSM owner was on scrutineering duties.

Most One Sided On Track Dispute - Ford Galaxie v Harry The Hare.

Woolmer Classic Engineering made an impressive debut with race support for six cars.

Journalist Simon Taylor joined the gang.

11pm tonight (23rd) Motors TV present coverage of the entire Silverstone meeting

Next race Brands Hatch 4th/5th May MGCC meeting with Ecurie GTS grid

06/04/2013 AMOC Resurrection . .

Following last season's lacklustre performance during MGB 50 races, the WSM MGB celebrated a late Easter and came back to life at Silverstone on Saturday - the Aston Martin Owners Club Equipe 'GTS' grid of mostly 1960's sports cars numbered a healthy thirty entries for the 30 minute National circuit thrash, and the WSM qualified 5th.

Race - John Andon and Pete Foster continued their struggle for TR4 supremacy in entertaining style, and newcomer Peter Tognola in a Porsche 911 completed the podium places after third place qualifier Ron Cody's MGA spun. Foster outfumbled long time leader Andon briefly through traffic but a last lap dive inside was enough for Andon to take the spoils. The WSM was 7th, and encouragingly for the next day's enduro at Donington, scored its fastest lap at the death.

Sundays MGCC meeting at Donington included the Ecurie 'GTS' spin-off from Equipe last season, and another 30-strong grid with only four entries from the previous days Equipe Silverstone entry signified a strong start to the season for both series. The spoke in the wheel for some was the Ecurie rule change to Dunlop tyres, chucking up the biggest surprise when Andon qualified in 20th and the WSM 10th. Rod Begbie (TVR Grantura) set pole by the relatively large margin of one second from the MGB of Malcolm Gammons, with Brian Lambert (MGB) and Foster close by - Rob Cull's TVR Grantura rear spring changes were'nt proving a hit and Rob was regretting leaving the original known quantities on the home workbench.

Begbie stayed comfortably at the front, but retirement after 7 laps of the race for Gammons left Lambert second, and Foster picking up another podium for the week-end. Andon got to grips with the Dunlop vagaries and scrapped to 4th, while the WSM came off at Coppice in a major gravel excursion to finish 14th but at least with 10th fastest lap. Cull's lightening start helped him to 6th and reserved judgement on the new springs.


Transpires the bloke in the Elva Courier (left) next to the WSM camp in the Donington paddock is coming to the Manx Classic as well - American John Gross was in our mirrors on Saturday at Silverstone, so he won't just be making up the numbers . .

Below, always good to see the interest WSM's attract - three new fans made all the right noises with the biggest smiles . .

Thanks to ex-WSM racer Mike White and wife Annabelle for hospitality on Friday, and wishing a quick recovery for WSM 401 owner Ian Hulett in time for his season opener on the 21st with WSM 401. WSM 202 owner Brian Arculus was a busy bee - 6th in the HRDC Touring Greats with his Hillman Minx, and 11th in the 50's Sports Cars race in the recently acquired Lotus 1X.

Photograph courtesy of Dickon Siddall

Click on for Silverstone results

Click on for Donington results. Thanks to Lorraine Noble-Thompson for the snaps

Next race - WSM's 401 and MGB on Sunday 21st April Silverstone HRDC Allstars grid at VSCC meeting

09/03/2013 Sods Law . .

After weeks of dry weather, WSM 208 and the WSM MGB were scheduled at Rockingham for a shake down yesterday. Although 208 in the hands of Toby Milan completed some helpful sessions in the morning, it was so wet that useful comparisons against last years testing for Ian Hulett in the MGB in the afternoon were meaningless.

21/01/2013 Brands Hatch Plan . .

Rare are the opportunities to race on the Grand Prix circuit in Kent, but the Aston Martin Centenary event on July 6th/7th offers just that - Indy circuit is in use on Saturday and GP circuit on Sunday - so WSM entries with 'Equipe' GTS will have a race on each day.

10/01/2013 . .

Favourite to break the off-season blues are 'Equipe' GTS at Silverstone 6th April, and Donnington with 'Ecurie' GTS the day after, while inked in is MGLive at Silverstone June 15th/16th. Early doors at present but at least one of the five WSM Spridgets and the one WSM MGB are earmarked with entries.