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28/12/2012 Santa . .

Amazing fellow that Claus - he must listen in to so many conversations during the course of the year - as he recalled I wanted to read 'The Maverick' written by Patrick Sinibaldi about the American racing driver Masten Gregory. The unorthadox driver is remembered for his blinding speed behind the wheel as much for bailing out of his cars just prior to accidents - even Jim Clarke, after being passed at Spa in 1958 by Gregory's flying Lister, was moved to say he did'nt think anyone could drive a car as quickly as Masten.

19/12/2012 Bristols . .

Contact recently from Geoff Dowdle in Australia in his capacity as VP of the Bristols Owners Club, and his research into Bristol 400 history. Pictures have subsequently surfaced of DW-S in his time at the Bristol Motor Company as test driver in the late 1940's - pictured left DW-S before a Swiss-registered 400 test, and right, a Bristol Sycamore beside another 400. Geoff is looking in particular for info regarding a Bristol 400 registered LUM 951.

18/12/2012 Sexy Italian . .

Pinning down the identity of this little number pictured by DW-S in 1955 proved not that difficult, thanks to a variety of input from WSM connections and in particular David Markham in Bedfordshire and Brian Arculus in Sussex - it is a Farina-bodied 1950 Lancia Aprilia with a Nardi-tuned 1486cc engine.

17/12/2012 WSM 203 . .

While on the case for author John Baggott and his forthcoming book, had reason to ask our USA connections where this picture of Californian export WSM 203 for George Snively was taken circa 1963/64 ? Am grateful for the response from California resident and former WSM owner Scott Yturria -

"Its Cotati Raceway which was an abandoned WW II Naval airfield near Santa Rosa, California used by the San Francisco (SCCA) Region from 1957 until it was sold to developers and turned into a shopping center and business park in the early 1970s. By the way, a friend of mine has a photo or two of Snively and the WSM and he also wrote an article on Snively and the Snell Institute for one of the vintage magazines a few years ago . . "

05/12/2012 Brabham Sprite . .

Colmworth Classic Cars engineer Paul Webb has his Coventry Climax-powered Sprite up and running. A visit to Peter Baldwin's rolling road revealed a healthy output, and plans to make a competition debut in 2013 continue to gell.

24/11/2012 WSM 405 S2 . .

Work on the 'K' series-engined Sanction 2 road car for Geoff Hill continues at WSM Cars. His previous ownership of WSM 205 in the late 1960's has lead to some agonising over spec and colour for WSM 405. When commissioned for Mike White in 1963, WSM 205 was blue, but during Geoff's ownership it was red. However, Geoff's first choice 'Ecurie Ecosse' Flag Blue is proving extremely difficult to match, so Alpine Bleu Métallisé ( the A110 blue) is the new favourite.

18/11/2012 WSM at NEC . .

The Footman James Classic Car Show at the NEC is clearly in a lot of people’s diaries because even on Friday, a day normally more closely associated with the trade, it was packed. A considerable queue gathered for the 10am opening, and the footfall continued unabated until late on Sunday when 58,000 had visited the show.

Of the many highlights amongst 1400 exhibits, which in our case necessitated a two day visit, favourites included a multi-million pound Auto Union display on the Classic & Sportscar stand, and at the other end of a diverse scale, a jewel-like recently restored Rochdale GT. Organising a suitable array of much photographed talent alongside the WSM, with Andrea Naish and Helen Pickersgill proving popular additions, was an onerous task but taking one for the WSM team seemed the right thing to do.

Richard Monk, Richard Ladds, Roger Parker, Matt Parker, Ian Wallman and Jonathan Kimber plus a number of Spares Department staff were the aces in the MGOC pack, with membership dish Jo Deal still signing up new members as doors closed on Sunday. Elinor Fielder of Hergest hand made bags swapped notes with Jonathan to reveal plans to display at the Essen Car Show in 2013, and relieved me of notes for two purchases. Guy Martin, Stirling Moss and scribe Simon Taylor were amongst an illustrious guest list, and Autocar's Steve Cropley was typically enthusiastic.

Ken Ayres, a member of the Sporting Owners Drivers Club from the 1960's, recognised the WSM and stopped for a chat, and Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird alongside the soon-to-be restored Mk11 Sprite that Pedro Rodriguez raced at Sebring in 1962, told of his plans for 9253 WD. Midget and Sprite magazine editor Gary Lazarus paid a visit, WSM Sanction 2 owner Lorraine Noble-Thompson passed by for coffee with perennial race drivers Anthony Binnington and Barry Sidery-Smith, while Ted Walker at Ferret Photographics stand was a mine of information and pictures of WSM. Pictured left, it was good to see historic cars generating so much enthusiasm with a younger generation.

Spotlight at Depo magazine

31/10/2012 WSM at Classic Car Show . .

The MGOC are placing the WSM MGB on display at the Birmingham NEC on November 16th-18th. Although the MGOC stand would not normally involve competition cars, the one-off design prompted MGOC's Jonathan Kimber to conclude a busy year of celebrations for MGB and WSM in their 50th years by featuring the WSM.

29/09/2012 WSM50 . .

A birthday to be remembered without doubt. The 'M' in WSM, Jim McManus and over one hundred guests arrived from all points of the compass and in many cases driving exotic and interesting vehicles -


They were rewarded with the best gathering of WSM's ever assembled, with eight original cars, and three completed Sanction 2 cars awaiting unveiling. Allied to the display were former WSM owners and many of the Delta Garages team who worked on the cars in period. Phill March drove from Glasgow to meet up with Delta colleagues not seen since 1968, and Mick Hancock (left) was re-united with the WSM3000 he painted at Delta in 1965 and which retains that same coating to this day. Mechanics Owen Gough, Ivor Gurney and Eddie Wright reminisced with ex-Delta Sales Manager Robin Pinkerton, and Peter Jackson recalled many of the escapades that revolved around racing and working with WSM's in the 1960's. Nottingham-based Peter Clinch brought his family to see WSM301 that he owned in the 1970's, and discovered the car had since raced extensively all over the UK and mainland Europe, while Malcolm Bridgland was delighted to view for the first time in 44 years the WSM3000 that he instigated in 1965. Joel Nelson flew in from Atlanta and chatted with, amongst others Rae Davis, the current owner of WSM207 which Joel had purchased from new in 1963, and David Gathercole with wife Lorraine was re-united with WSM301 that he raced in the Fordwater Trophy event at Goodwood in 2003. Before lunch, Tony Wilson-Spratt explained some of the history of WSM and with Paul Woolmer revealed the road going Sanction 2 WSM's for owners Lorraine Noble-Thompson and Bill Emerson. WSM402 (left) in silver and named after the WSM designer was a definite hit with Lorraine and the audience, and the maroon 403 left hand drive model for the ex-NASA Florida resident was equally resplendant. Ian Hulett's beautifully presented lightweight racer WSM401 completed the centrepiece, and the public debut of the cars gave the spectating Geoff Hill cause for thought, as the WSM Cars manifest has his chassis 405 listed next. WSM Cars craftsman Murray Henderson, and Paul Webb and Wes Attew of Colmworth Classic Cars were justifiably proud of their wares, and with garage doors open revealed the nerve centre of the operation. After lunch and Jim McManus and Peter Jackson cutting the magnificent WSM birthday cake baked by Sharon Woolmer, attention turned to the eight original WSM's displayed in a timeline under canvass. This began with 46 BXN, the Sebring Sprite with which Peter Jackson achieved so much and where Douglas had the opportunity to help re-model the car after being burnt out. Next was the oldest known surviving WSM of Brian Arculus, who recently added a podium place at Donington to the honours board with WSM202, followed by WSM207 and WSM210, for which Clive Cocks provided an enthusiastic home when it was brought back from Holland in 2003, and continues an active race schedule with the car. Alongside WSM301 and the designers last hands-on build WSM208, the one-off WSM MGB and the WSM 3000 highlighted the aerodynamic forms which Douglas sought to achieve. Visitors vehicles graced the venue, including the fabulous BMC support vehicle of Doug Samuels, while Joe Cox brought his Austin Healey 4000, David Markham an Austin A35 Pick Up, Kevin Webb a silver Tojeiro, Chris and Mavis Parker a pristine Volvo Amazon and Peter Jackson a thundering 3.5litre V8 TR7. Anthony Binnington brought his Renault 4L, another 50th birthday celebrant, and Mick Darcey gave one of his Healey 100S collection an airing in the warm sunshine. Jack Wheeler's famous Sprite which he's owned continuously since 1961, and the recently restored Alexander Sprite of Paul Freeman were welcome additions, and with PMO200, the Mars car and the Super Sprite displayed alongside CCC Paul Webb's Swallow Doretti's, there was pretty much something for everyone. The finale centred on a photoshoot reminiscent of the pictures from 1963 of four WSM's at the conceptual home of WSM in Wing, Bedfordshire. A dinner for 50 at The Plough in Bolnhurst, including Barry 'Whizzo' Williams, ended a memorable day with presentations to Jim McManus and Peter Jackson.

Archivist (middle) David Moore was instrumental in finding the WSM3000 in 2003

Clive and Anna Rooke (ex-WSM201) in company with son Jonathan and wife Vicki 'Mi casa, su casa' - floral thanks to Maggie Hulett and Sharon Woolmer (right)

A Fokker triplane from the Shuttleworth collection at Old Warden highlighted our luck with clear blue skies

Three happy Sanction 2 owners

Thanks to Graham and Mary Dorney, Bill Emerson, Geoff Hill, Andrew and Shelagh Garbutt, Martin Ingall, Lorraine Noble-Thompson, Chris and Mavis Parker, Lynne Patrick and John Phillips for the help and photographs.

23/09/12 MGB50 at Blenheim . .

The weather Gods were extremely unkind but could'nt put a dampener on an excellent display of 2500 MGB's. The WSM joined the competition car section alongside some famous registrations amongst the B-engined elite, and it was fascinating to chat with some equally illustrious names from the Abingdon past.

A lovely equipe of MGB and Coventry Climax-powered Albatross speedboat arrived from Scotland . .

and during our travels we met Alan Zayfer, who unbeknown to us had owned the WSM3000 in the late 1960's or early 70's

15/09/2012 GudWud . .

Like I need the reminder that I'm not in Sussex for the second best motorsport gathering of September 2012, but Lorraine Noble-Thompson snapped the two BMC transporters in residence on Practice Day at the Revival. As long as Lorraine is trackside when the pre-war Auto Unions and Mercedes strut their magnificent stuff, I guarantee the earth will move and Lorraine's week-end will be complete . .

05/09/2012 '50 Shades of Chiron Blue' . .

Chiron Blue, as Dad named the colour of his first WSM in 1962, is an elusive match, and deciding on the WSM50 hue presented more of a dilemma than Christian Grey did to Anastasia Steele in the recently published and now infamous trilogy by E L James . .

Prior to arrival from Atlanta, Georgia on the 27th, Joel Nelson sent over pictures and letters concerning his purchase of WSM 207 in 1963. Previously unseen this side of the Atlantic, the slides include DW-S and Jim McManus examining WSM 201 at Swiss Cottage, and Joel with 207 in the USA . .

14/08/2012 The Birthday Bash . .

WSM50 opens its doors at 11am on 29th September and it looks like we'll have to park the classics on site and scatter the youngsters around the postcode ! A groundswell of offers to exercise treasured wheels simply adds to the fun . .

30/07/2012 Bedfordshire Bound . .

See below for an expanding list of guests for WSM50. Unprompted, it appears the gathering is becoming a good excuse to get the relevant steed out of the garage and give it a blat to Bedfordshire. If undecided, then rest assured you'll be in good company when you arrive . .

16/07/2012 Classic Le Mans . .

Mixed weather failed to temper enthusiastic reviews from WSM connections at the bi-annual event which now draws in excess of 100,000 spectators. Doug Samuels and Lorraine Noble-Thompson trekked across in the BMC transporter, while ex-WSM owner and MGB racer Barry Sidery-Smith enjoyed not only a race stint in his Le Mans MGB, but also in an MGA. Paul and Yvette Webb drove down in a Swallow Doretti, ex-WSM 205 and Sanction 2 owner Geoff Hill got on track in his Renault GTA, and ex-Delta Manager and WSM racer Peter Jackson accompanied son Simon in a TR8.

The Lotus Elan S1 of David and BWRDC member Lorraine Gathercole triumphed in Plateau 4 - three races resulted in two second places and a third in the Index of Performance, which put a delighted couple on top of the podium. Without exception they all hope to return in 2014 . .

14/07/2012 Good Company But No Cigar . .

Ian Hulett displayed the WSM MGB at the Coys Classic Concours d'Elegance at Blenheim Palace. Alongside Ferrari Daytona, E-type Jaguar, Auburn Roadster and '55 Chevy, classes included the Churchill Trophy for best car of the day, the Coys Spirit of Motoring to celebrate the epitome of the motoring enthusiast, and the Kensington Trophy for the most elegant design. The WSM MGB emulated WSM 208 last year and remained trophyless, but Ian and wife Maggie enjoyed some top drawer company and lunch after a damp morning.

05/07/2012 WSM50 . .

Celebrating the half century since DW-S unveiled WSM 201 at Silverstone in 1962, a unique gathering of the people associated with WSM, and the cars themselves, is set for September 29th in Bedfordshire - Eight original WSM's will be present, including the first appearance of the WSM 3000 since changing ownership last year, and three Sanction 2 WSM's alongside other rare and interesting A-series engined cars.

27/06/2012 WSM50 Not Out . .

September 29th is the provisional date set for the largest gathering of WSM cars ever assembled to mark the 50th anniversary of the marque. The 'M' of WSM, Jim McManus, will be at the WSM base in Colmworth, Bedfordshire, alongside many of the Delta Garage team from the 1960's.

12/06/2012 Ecosse WSM . .

A change of ownership for WSM 203 and picture courtesy of Tazunu Kaneko

04/06/2012 New 'Bingley Bullet' Fans . .

While hosting first time TT visitors Robert Waterhouse and surgeon David Watt, we met up with TT star Ian Hutchinson, aka the 'Bingley Bullet' and in 2010 the winner of five solo TT's in one extra-ordinary week. Ian wanted to thank surgeon David for his expertise, as his work possibly saved Ian's leg after a racing accident in the 2010 British Supersport Championship at Silverstone. Although competing this week, Ian has a way to go before full recovery is achieved and faces extensive treatment to complete the task. A lap of the TT course in Ian's sponsor-provided 4.2 litre V8 Audi RS6 ensued, and despite slightly damp conditions, he showed on the unfettered Mountain section that he's as handy behind a wheel as he is handlebars - 140mph in an estate car four-up, unfussed and calm on the one way course and yet only 40mph shy of the Swan Yamaha's superbike speed through the corners. A tour of the Swan racing paddock facility followed, and it was evident that the softly spoken Northerner was hugely popular as he repeatedly signed autographs and stood for photo's alongside fans.

The grins of the Audi passengers remain, as does the new found respect and regard for a man who goes about his business in a thoroughly professional but likeable manner.

01/06 Now You See It, Now You Don't . .

The WSM S2 GT of Lorraine Noble-Thompson returned from the trimmers recently, but we are sworn to secrecy regarding its appearance. 'Douglas', as the second S2 is to be known, is now under wraps until a specific unveiling at Lorraine's choosing is confirmed.

31/05 MGB50 . .

News from the MGCC - see 'Race News'

15/05 WSM 403 S2 . .

Bill Emerson's choice of colour for his GT is really striking, and puts us in mind of the maroon finish that the WSM3000 sported in 1965 . .

10/05 County History . .

Good to see David Markham at Snetterton, with whom we share an interest in the rare A35 Pick-Up and Bedfordshire family history. He elaborated on the remarkable sequence of car manufacturing on a small scale in the County over the years - Atlantis in Bedford in the early 1970's, Berkeley in Biggleswade 1956-61, Costin, Paramount (right) and WSM. Perhaps nine Costin Amigo's (left) were produced at Little Staughton airfield between 1970-72, only a couple of miles from where Sanction 2 WSM's are now built, and circa one hundred and fifty Paramount cars at Linslade, Leighton Buzzard after Camden Motors bought the company in 1953.

Co-incidentally the designer of the Berkeley (right), Laurie Bond of Bond Minicar fame constructed the 4000+ cars in the wake of a caravan business (Berkeley Coachwork Ltd), much in the same manner as DW-S moved on from the Marlborough Caravan company to WSM. The Berkeley's produced between 1956-61 were also lightweight two-seaters, with a fibreglass monocoque, light alloy bulkheads and cross members, full independent suspension and front wheel drive. Three and four wheelers were produced which used a variety of two and three cylinder two-stroke motor cycle-based engines (British Anzani, Villiers Excelsior and Royal Enfield), and were often used in club racing during the late 1950s competing against other entries up to 1,000cc.

04/05 Sprite Debut . .

Ahead of testing at Snetterton, Paul Freeman's Alexander Sprite is resplendent in the Bedfordshire daylight. The distinctive colour scheme will certainly help commentators identify the newest kid on the block in the HRDC 'Grand Touring Greats' race on Saturday afternoon in Norfolk . .

21/04 Cheers . .

Prompted by WSM fan Geoff Hill's association, journalist Martin Gurdon marks the continuation of WSM cars in the May edition of Classic Cars magazine and recognises the raison d'etre behind the Sanction 2 builds . .

20/04 Flavour Of The Month . .

Marcus Pye's write-up in Autosport last week (right) on the Castle Combe 'Historica' raceday that featured the HRDC series prompted me to recall why I love the 250LM Ferrari so much. In 1965 WSM 206 was taken to Wiltshire in 'Jumbo', with a Mk 2 Sprite trailered behind the converted AEC coach that Dad operated as a motorhome and transporter. While kicking around the paddock with my broken arm in a sling after falling off the WSM trailer at Woburn the previous week, I stumbled across Ron Fry working on his gorgeous 250LM. I asked all the usual questions that a 7 year old would ask, like how fast did it go, and a patient Fry let me drool over his steed while he prepared for the race. While I obviously rooted for Dad in his Sprite races, watching and hearing that Ferrari howl past made an indelible impression during the GT race, and a sweet tooth that appreciates 'Fry's Turkish Delight' has since been a reminder . .

12/04 Joe's Oz Amour . .

Message from Australia - 'I have just taken a look at your WSM website and must congratulate you. What a great record of the cars and more importantly for me, the drivers, owners and characters associated with that period. In the past I have emailed you about my two ex-Clive Baker 1965 Sebring 3000 Healey and the 1967/68 Le Mans Sprite. It is only through sites and efforts like yours that help me learn more about the owners and drivers of these two cars, so thank you. For example my 3000 had been owned by Robbie Gordon and apart from the odd SAFETY FAST mention and John Baggot’s book he is a hard man to learn of.I first saw my Sprite when Ian Polley had it on display beside Mick Darcy’s BXN at Cirencester 1996. Mike was kind enough to have Ron Gammons take me for a brilliant ride in one of the ex-works MGCs. The first ex-works Healey I was 90% through the purchase of was the rally car BRX that Mick had at Cirencester. Due to some wild stroke of fortune I was sitting at the official table with Jock Reid, one of Healey’s early employees.Jim McManus was the other person of interest as Geoff Healey’s book has a photo of Jim outside the Healey London Showroom. I believe this was near to THE MEWS where Paul Hawkins worked for Healeys and then John Sprinzel. What a great circle !Joe Armour'

Glad to help Joe - talking with Jim McManus yesterday and discussing plans for WSM50 later this year, and hopefully Robbie Gordon, Peter Jackson, Mick Darcey, John Baggot et al will be available too. Ed

03/04 Birthday . .

Plans are afoot to mark the 50th anniversary of WSM and the October 1962 debut of WSM 201 at a Silverstone test day (left). Five WSM cars are still unaccounted for from the original production run of fifteen, and we hope to gather the surviving cars along with the people that have contributed in so many ways during the WSM history . .

02/04 Murray's Mission . .

The Sanction 2 builds continue to progress, and 402 and 403 are approaching completion - although both GT spec, requirements have been slightly different for the USA-bound car and the Lincolnshire based model. The 405 GT build for Geoff Hill will be different again, and as in period, the cars are very much 'tailor made' to customer satisfaction.

01/04 Crowds At Combe . .

WSM's have'nt raced at Castle Combe since 2005, but a few things had changed since DW-S raced his 4 1/2 lightweight Bentley there, pictured left in 1951 - you can tell post-war Britain hungered for motorsport - and with serving RAF officer and friend Douglas Hull on the same grid in an Alpha. Right, in 1964 DW-S at the wheel of WSM 206 at Combe, with Arthur Appleby's Sprite both chasing the out of shot and eventual winner Alec Poole . .

31/03 Freemans Folly . .

The Alexander Sprite of Paul Freeman is nearing completion in readiness for resumption at Snetterton in May of an interesting race career. Solicitor and MGB racer with 'Equipe' GTS grids over the years, Paul purchased a very early Austin Healey Sprite from 1958 that was bodied and raced in period by Alexander Engineering. Known to have competed at Montlhery, and winning its class in the Coupe de Salon in 1959, the car joins a burgeoning 'Grand Touring Greats' grid with Julius Thurgood's HRDC series.

30/03 Time Marches On . .

Fascinating pic from Phill March who was with Delta Garage in the 1960's. Phill is pictured (left) in 1965 with stores Manager Derek Hilton, and the pic was published in the Leighton Buzzard Observer Christmas edition alongside the advert for a bumper Xmas hamper (£17.10s) with every new Austin, Vauxhall or used car sold before Xmas Eve. Phill went on to work at Shaw & Kilburn in Luton, and remained in the motor trade until quite recently. Pictured right with the Acropolis class winning Cooper S, Phill recalled Bert Brown (fourth from left) as the panel beater/welder, and that Bert legitimately gathered so many Sprite body parts that he was able to build a car and apply chassis number A (Albert) B 1. Fred Bonham (fifth from left) carried out servicing in the lube bay, and left to attend a monastery, later to become a Vicar in the Reading area. Phill is sixth from left in the white overalls.

16/03 Delta Memories . .

Ex-Delta garages staffer Phill March contacted us yesterday - he worked in Hockliffe St from 1962-68, which included the WSM production period. Phill went straight from school to work at the Leighton Buzzard premises and recalls many of the people involved at that time, including painter Mick Hancock from whom Phill bought his first tape (reel to reel) recorder, which he still has. The crumpled wreck of Malcolm Bridgeland's Austin Healey 3000 was in the back of the workshop for a while, and Phill was present when the completed WSM was rolled out in 1965 (left).

Now living in Glasgow and due to retire next year, Phill was at Knockhill a few years ago and only realised on reviewing the programme at home that a WSM had been competing. Phill also contacted ex-Delta mechanic Ivor Gurney in 2004 after reading of the WSM gathering at Wing for the Octane magazine article by Andrew Roberts.

20/02 WSM 203 . .

Pictured with Masakasu Yahagi in 2011, the third built WSM looks in fine fettle.

16/02 Wings Without Red Bull . .

The rare 1964 Jodel Mascaret type D150A - aviation art looking for an active home - see 'FOR SALE' on this website

08/02 Jaguar XK Owner Abroad . .

Heard from Bill Geldeard, second owner of the Jaguar XK150 that was later re-styled by WSM (left) as an estate for Douglas Hull in 1967 - Bill was given the car for his 21st birthday after his father purchased it at a Manchester auction, and Bill upgraded the engine to 'S' spec and fitted the appropriate emblems on the doors. He also changed the colour from Old English white to opalescent maroon and had fun surprising Healey 3000's and 3.8 E-Types with the rapid XK. Pictured (right) at the beach in Abersoch, North Wales circa 1962 with future wife Sylvia, Bill regrets having to part with the car but he could see potential costs bubbling up. However, he got back into Jaguar ownership in 1989 with a 1955 XK140 FHC repatriated from Cuba, and completed a body-off restoration to establish a concours car. A basket case XK140 DHC was also totally refurbished over a 17 year period, and both are pictured at base in Southern Spain.

03/02 MGB 50 . .

Multiple WSM entries for the season opener at Castle Combe on Bank Holiday Monday April 9th - see 'Race News' for details . .

Sanctioned Lunch . .

Left to right - A seasonal gathering of Sanction 2 owners and petrol heads at WSM Cars HQ - the large gentleman in red at the head of the table is not Mr Claus. The red Midget is a Sanction 2 donor car next to the Healey 3000, Formula racer and Austin A35. Next door WSM 402 S2 under scrutiny from owner Lorraine and partner Doug in company with Paul Woolmer. And the shut lines on doors, bonnet and bootlid are flawless . .

25/12 Santa's Stockings . .

Some fab fillers from Mr Claus, including the 'Senna' DVD and the 'Closer To The Edge' film centred on the Isle of Man TT - you don't have to be a Brazilian or petrol head to appreciate the subject matter, and why thousands make the annual pilgrimage to the road racing capital of the world is especially well illustrated . .

21/12 'Equipe' GTS . .

News from Jim Lowry and the future of the race series - click on