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Arculus, Brian and Pat. Purchased WSM 202 from John Pearson in September 2008. Racers both, Brian started in 1985 with a Jaguar XK120, Alfa Guilietta GT Sprint and then a March 712 in Historic Formula 2 in the late 1980's. After a break between 1990 and 1999, he made a successful return with the XK Championship, and bought a Lotus Elite to run in the 'Equipe' GTS series, HSCC and Cloth Cap events. Pat took the ARDS course in 2007 and races the Elite, while Brian has campaigned a TR3 and an Emeryson Formula Junior. A regular entrant with the 'Equipe' GTS series with WSM 202, recent highlights include 9th in the Fordwater Trophy race at the 2010 Goodwood Revival, 5th overall in both the HRDC 'Grand Touring Greats' at Brands Hatch and MGLive Silverstone events in 2011, and 3rd at Donington in July 2012. WSM 202 was a highlight at the WSM50 celebrations on September 29th 2012 (right).
Arkless, Simon. Pictured right at Silverstone in 1967, Simon bought WSM 206 from Mike Lewis in 1964 and proved to be a very capable driver at circuits around the UK. The car was changed back to road specification and advertised through the Chequered Flag garage in Chiswick, and the colour changed to red as advertised in 'Safety Fast' in August 1971. Simon's then brother-in-law David Yates had some input into the deal, and Ernie Foster benefitted by building up a standard Sprite with some mechanicals from WSM 206. June 2004 Autosport magazine's 'Racing Lives' section featured Simon and enabled us to track down the Champion spark plug executive involved with the F1 Grand Prix business on location. More action pix of Simon at WSM 'In Competition'.

Bain, Kent. Prepared and drove WSM 207 in Sports Car Club of America races for Walter Donaghy in Connecticut, USA. Vintage Racing Services restored the car in 1987 after storeage since 1968 and from 1990 Kent maintained and raced the car in over 30 events, including the Vintage Fall Festival in 1991 at Lime Rock (2nd overall) and the Jefferson 500 at the Summit Point Raceway in 1998 (8th).

Barrett, Tim. Bought WSM 201 from Delta Garage in 1964. The car is pictured prior to collection from Vicarage Lodge in Wing, and removal of the cherished DWS 97 number which remained on all DW-S cars. Tim recalls part exchanging a TR for the WSM, before paternal influence dictated a part exchange back with Delta three months later for an MGB. Met at Goodwood Revival in 2006 and 2008.

Bianchi, Tony. Historic racer and aviator currently racing an Allard Farrallac and MGB with wife Pia. He bought the WSM MGB from Barry Sidery-Smith (qv) in 1977, changing the car's colour to red from white and the registration from 113 DJB to 270 RBM. Tony used the car in sprints and races at Curborough, Silverstone, Snetterton and the Brighton Speed Trials, and is pictured at Mallory in 2005. Tony sold the WSM to Rodney Tolhurst (qv) in 1981.

Bridgland, Malcolm and Bennie. Malcolm was a well known private entrant who owned Malaya Garages, in particular connected with F5000 driver Graham McRae and designer Len Terry. Malcolm raced a Healey 3000 in 1965 and knew Jim McManus (qv) with the Donald Healey Motor Company in London. After hitting the pit wall at Silverstone, Malcolm took 9059 MY to Delta Garage for WSM treatment and instigated what is possibly the best looking of the WSM designs. With perfect weight distribution, lightweight aluminium bodywork by Peels and larger tyre size available through the WSM form, the car was geared for 140mph. Malcolm recalls one drawback in that the length of the nose on the car was often misjudged by those parking in front of the WSM, and more remedial work was carried out on that section of the car than any other. It was stage rallied by Peter Welsh in the 1970's until being laid up in the UK. Pictured (top right) with plenty of spare tyres, an expectant Bennie at Woburn hill climb, and Malcolm tops up the oil at the Delta forecourt (left). They travelled from their Argyll home to attend the Rockingham Re-Union in 2001 and continue to take an interest in the resurgence of the marque. Malcolm is pictured with Robert Waterhouse (qv) at WSM50 (right).

Brisby, Rod. Coverage in Practical & Classic magazine, edited by Mike Brisby in 1980, lead to contact between Rod (Mike's brother) and AW-S. Rod owned WSM 202 in Scotland and sent his bonnet over on a fishing boat to the Isle of Man when WSM 301 needed a mould for a new front in 1981. Although intending to restore WSM 202, Rod was a deep sea diver and could not dedicate the time. Afrer deciding to sell the car, he was put in touch with Mike Lewis as it was intended for the car to return to family hands, but a deal could not be agreed. Through his contacts with brother Mike Brisby, Rod subsequently sold the car to Paul Woolmer in 2000.

Chichester, Dr Clinton O. Imported WSM 210 to Florida in August 1964 together with colleague Dr George Snively (qv) in Sacramento, USA - click here.

Clinch, Peter. Owned WSM 301 in 1972 after he bought the fire damaged car from Dr Hodsman (qv). A stock car racer and NASCAR fan, Peter sourced a replacement bonnet, fitted a new loom and re-painted the car Electric Blue with two orange stripes. After tracing DW-S to the Isle of Man, Peter sold the car back to the Wilson-Spratt family in 1980 when local police forbade further use with a cracked windscreen on public roads. The car was collected from Peter's Nottingham address, but contact was lost until author John Baggott put us in touch again in November 2007. Only recently retired, Peter visited the Isle of Man in the late 1980's to compete in stock car races at Onchan stadium. On September 29th 2012, Peter brought his charming family to WSM50 and was re-united with WSM 301.

Cocks, Clive and Sue. Eastern Centre Healey Club chairman, Clive helped prepare WSM's for the 2001 WSM Re-Union. He subsequently got the WSM itch and bought WSM 210 in 2003 when the car returned from Holland. WSM 210 was displayed at Wing in March 2004 for the Octane photoshoot and at Wyboston for the International Healey week-end in June 2004. Clive returned the car to historic racing at a Top Hat event at Mallory in October 2004 and races with 'Equipe' GTS and HRDC grids. He brought the car to the Isle of Man for the Manx Classic in 2006 (pictured with WSM 301 in the Grandstand paddock), raced at the 2006 Goodwood Revival (see Race News 2006) and completed Le Jog, the 2,400 mile Lands End to John O'Groats event in December 2006 with a 2nd in class. WSM 210 featured in the Historic Cars exhibition when four WSM's were displayed at Goodwood for the Sprite 50th celebrations in May 2008, and accompanied WSM 208 to the LM Story races at Le Mans in 2009. Clive was second WSM home in the 2010 Goodwood Revival Fordwater Trophy race, and 9th overall in the HRDC 'Grand Touring Greats' race at Brands in April 2011.

Coulthard, Tom. Actor, author and Sprite historian helped instigate a WSM revival by bringing 46 BXN, WSM 301 and WSM 210 together (right) at the Silverstone Coys Historic Festival in 1995. Pictured on national TV, Tom has contributed several excellent period photographs of WSM's, and joined us at Rockingham in 2001, Goodwood Revivals in 2003 and 2006, Wyboston and Silverstone 2004, MGCC Silverstone in 2005, Sprite 50th at Goodwood in May 2008 and Midget 50 at Burghley in 2011. He remains a foremost authority on Sprites and their derivatives . .

Darcey, Mick. Owned 46 BXN, originally a white Sebring Sprite that Peter Jackson (qv) raced in 1961 and which was rebodied with WSM influence by Peels of London incorporating a Speedwell 'Monza' bonnet in 1962. Mick added BXN to his collection of Healey and MG cars in 1992, but was having difficulty finding time to race the car. He was generous however in allowing the car to be raced by friends, including Paul Woolmer (qv) who drove the yellow car to win the FISC championship in 1995, and Malcolm Beer at the Rockingham Re-Union in 2001 (left). Mick sold the car to Paul in August 2004.

Davis, Rae. Historic racer and known for his business at RaeDavisRacing with the preparation of Sebring Sprite's amongst others. With help from the Wilson-Spratt family, Rae bought WSM 207 from the USA sight unseen in May 2003 and raced the car at Donington in a Top Hat meeting (right) the same month. WSM 207 completed a quartet of WSM's in the Goodwood Revival Fordwater Trophy race in September 2003 as Ian Guest drove WSM 207 alongside Rae who finished fourth in his Mini Marcos - Rae went even better in 2004 and won the St Marys Trophy with Tony Jardine in an Austin A35. Pictured (top left) Rae Davis, Barrie Williams (qv) and DW-S at Castle Combe 2004. In 2006 WSM 207 was on display at the Moss Europe showrooms in Hanworth, Middlesex, featured on the Top Hat stand at the Autosport show, and was driven (left) by Ivor Miller at the Goodwood Revival. In May 2008 the car was displayed with three other WSM's in the Historic Cars exhibition for the Sprite 50th celebrations at Goodwood. A third invitation for the Goodwood Revival in September 2010 resulted in minor rear end damage on the Fordwater grid start and a non-finish for Ivor. The inaugural HRDC Grand Touring Greats grid at Brands in April 2011 saw Rae qualify WSM 207 on pole, but a misfire at half distance cost him the race after a great battle (left) with Shaun Rainford's Lenham. On September 29th 2012, Rae brought 207 for display amongst the WSM50 cars (right).

Donaghy, Walter. Of Bluemont, Virginia, USA bought WSM 207 from SCCA privateer Fred Glaesner in 1966. Placed into storeage in 1968 following a move abroad by Walter, the car was extensively restored in 1986/87 by Vintage Racing Services (VRS) and competed until 1990 when a change in circumstances meant Walter was unable to race further. Kent Bain of VRS was entrusted with the racing and care of the car until sold and shipped to Rae Davis (qv) in 2003.

Emerson, Bill. Douglas met Bill at the Healey 50th event at Thruxton in 2002. Ex-NASA engineer, Florida resident, car collector and author of the definitive Healey book that featured the WSM marque in detail, Bill acquired the 1948 Healey Westland that Donald and Geoff Healey drove from New York to Hollywood in 1948. Pictured (left) at Goodwood in 2008, and (far left) at the Amelia Island concours in 2004 in his Healey Silverstone, Bill crossed the pond especially for the Goodwood Revival in 2006 to see the Fordwater Trophy featuring WSM's, Speedwell and Sebring Sprite's, and shipped his Innocenti Sprite to England for the Sprite 50th in May 2008. We were pleased to meet Bill again and partner Melody who had made a full recovery from serious illness, and in 2010 Bill ordered a WSM GT S2 for export to his Florida home. In September 2011 Bill is pictured (left) beside his WSM S2 after attending the Revival, and (right) on delivery at WSM50 in September 2012.

Fuertado, Roy. A mechanic at Delta Garage in the early 1960's, Roy kept in touch with DW-S after Delta Garage stopped operations in 1971. Despite poor health, and that of wife Mary, he contributed to the WSM Re-Union in 2001 and the photoshoot at Wing in March 2004. His interest and pride in being involved were evident. Roy passed away in November 2006.

Gathercole, David and Lorraine. David prepares cars and engines for racing, and both raced Sprite's in the FISC series. David drove an inspired race in WSM 301 which was lent to him at the 2003 Goodwood Revival Fordwater Trophy event and reached fourth place before an enforced pitstop put him to the back of the field. Marriage in 2004 has not yet slowed either of them and in 2005 David lead the URS Classic Formula Ford championship, while Lorraine raced a Shrike with Sports 2000 grids and in 2011 was nominated for the BWRDC Gold Star Club award. A Goodwood Revival invite in 2010 with David's Lotus 18 FJ enabled us to catch up again, and they were welcome guests (left) at WSM50 in September 2012. Click here for more at David's website . .

Glaesner, Fred. Charleston, USA resident who bought WSM 207 in 1965 from Joel Nelson and raced in SCCA events, including Sebring and various South Eastern venues. Sold to Walter Donaghy (qv) in 1966.

Gordon, Robbie and Mary. Robbie owned 113 DJB, a quick MGB roadster which he bought from Peter Pollard. Prepared by Newton of Cambridge with a Don Moore cylinder head, a Special Tuning manifold and Webber 45 carburettor, the car was raced by Peter Jackson (qv) in Marque Sports Car series and by Robbie, Roddy Harvey-Bailey and David Wainsborough in other events. Robbie also owned the ex-Dick Protheroe E-Type registered CUT 7, as auctioned by H & H in 2005. Pictured left is Mike Lewis in WSM 206 as Robbie takes the inside line in 113 DJB at Silverstone. After David rolled DJB at the Boxing Day meeting at Mallory in 1966, Mike Lewis bought it and asked Douglas to design a WSM bodyshell, which was then raced successfully by Mike. Robbie also briefly owned WSM 202, the second built WSM originally campaigned by Mike Lewis in 1963, and Robbie sat in XPP for the first time in 37 years at Wing in March 2004. Robbie and Mary supported the Rockingham Re-Union in 2001, the photoshoot at Wing (right), Wyboston in 2004 and the Sprite 50th celebrations at Goodwood in 2008. Pictured left, Peter Jackson and Robbie (right) at the Healey 50th celebration week-end on June 21st 2009 at JME Healey restorers at The Cape, Warwick, and pictured right at Bardinon, France in 1973 during a Ferrari week-end. In company with Peter and Judy Jackson, Robbie and Mary attended WSM50 in September 2012.

Gough, Owen. A mechanic at Delta Garage in 1960/61 and an SODC member, he recalls workshop manager Stan Fountain and sales manager Ted Spencer. Owen ran a tuned Austin A35 and was involved in building the Sebring Sprite registered DWS 97 for the 1961 Monte Carlo which he accompanied as mechanic, and other events including Shelsley Walsh hill climbs. Owen and wife Lynne attended the WSM Re-Union in 2001 at Rockingham, the Wing photoshoot, the International Healey week-end at Wyboston in 2004 and WSM50 (right) in September 2012. They sold their mint and very original Ford Capri to a museum in Scotland, and acquired a red Mark 1 Sprite in 2004 (pictured at Shuttleworth). Owen celebrated his 65th birthday with a microlight trip to Sywell aerodrome in Northamptonshire, and they both maintain very active lifestyles.

Grubb, Ben. Bought the WSM MGB in 1968 and recalls replacing the broken nitrided crankshaft with a standard one but never having trouble with the car thereafter. Ben married in 1969 and traded the WSM back to Mike Lewis for a BMW 2002ti. Ben and his family attended the 2001 Re-Union at Rockingham.

Guest, Ian. Stepped up from E-Types to WSM's when piloting WSM 207 at the 2003 Goodwood Revival Fordwater Trophy race (left), while WSM owner Rae Davis raced his own Mini Marcos on the same grid.

Gurney, Ivor and Sylvia. A mechanic at Delta Garage in the early 1960's, and a great help in organising WSM Re-Union events. Married to Sylvia and living in Leighton Buzzard, Ivor recalls many enjoyable moments while looking after WSM's. In particular he remembers an occasion when he worked one Saturday night in a lock-up in London to make engine repairs on a WSM due out at Brands the next morning. He also recalls recovering pieces of a crashed E-Type Jaguar that the Delta Garage mechanics had only finished work on a few hours previously and was subsequently road tested by Peter Jackson - the car came off worst in a collision with a bus.

The picture in WSM History of two Mini's in front of Delta Garage reminded Ivor that one customer bought a Cooper S in 1965 with the new hydrolastic suspension and a standard Traveller equipped with ordinary rubber 'doughnut' and cone suspension. The customer wanted a Cooper S / Traveller with hydrolastic, which BL never produced. The biggest problem was sorting the hydrolastic pipes as the wheelbase of the Traveller was longer (the BL Technical Centre were not helpful with suspension pressures) but they were fashioned at Delta and the car mechanicals changed over with a few modifications made along the way. The story goes that on a trip to Germany, the (English) owner of the Traveller S sufficiently embarrassed a Porsche driver at the traffic lights that the German beckoned to the Traveller S driver to ask what engine was under the bonnet . .

Halsall, Ray. Fabricated lightweight WSM's in 1963, and attended the Silverstone Coys Historic in 1995 where he met DW-S again after many years. Ray recalls distinctly how lightweight the WSM construction was, down to rice paper thickness for non-structural parts. Ray was a guest at the Wing gathering of WSM's in 2004 (right) , attended the Healey International event at Wyboston 2004 with wife Mary, and the Goodwood Revival in 2006.

Hancock, Mick. Mick started at Delta in 1964 as a trainee mechanic, and moved to the spray shop with Eddie Wright (qv). Mick remembers working on WSM Sprite's, the WSM MG1100, the AEC coach conversion and the breakdown truck and recalls that the environment was an enjoyable one. He left circa 1966 to join Luton Commercial Motors where he carried on his craft with HGV's. He moved to the Prudential company in 1972 and currently runs his own business from Leighton Buzzard. Mick joined us with wife Mary at the WSM Re-Union in 2001, the Octane photoshoot at Wing in 2004, and WSM50 (right) in September 2012.

Hands, David. Owned a red WSM circa 1965-1968 while operating a garage business in Bedfordshire. Without documents coming to light yet, although purchased from Robin Pinkerton at Delta Garages, we are guessing that the car may have been WSM 205. We met David again at the 2005 MGCC Silverstone event and at the 2011 MGLive.

Harris, Hayes. Owned WSM 203 (left) until sold to Takayuki Hata (qv) in 1997.

Hata, Takayuki. Bought WSM 203 from Hayes Harris (qv) of Florida in 1997. Ecosse Cars of Tokyo restored and sold to Masakazu Yahagi (qv) in 2003.

Higgins, Richard. Bought 46 BXN from Adrian Fawdington in June 1972, and sold to Stuart Radnofsky (qv) in 1988.

Hill, Geoff. Pictured with DW-S and partner Janet at Longdendale in 2004 beside their AC, and at Harewood hillclimb circa 1962/63 in his Sprite. Geoff owned the WSM registered VLY 540 in 1967, but had to sell the car with the onset of a growing family in 1968. The car was WSM 205 (pictured), one of two fibreglass lightweight racers finished in period and originally registered MW 3 for Mike White (qv). We met up with Geoff at Oulton Park in 1998, and he and Janet were guests at the 2001 WSM Re-Union and kindly gave the WSM trailer parking space during the summer at their home in Cheshire. In 2009 Geoff supported the WSM's at the June Silverstone BDC event in a red Renault GTA V6 minter, and placed an order for a Sanction 2 WSM in 2011. At WSM50 in September 2012, Geoff looked on (left) with Lorraine Noble-Thompson (qv) as the first three Sanction 2 WSM's were unveiled, and in 2013 became the proud owner of a K series-powered Sanction 2 WSM (right) of his own . .

Hodsman, Dr Anthony. Bought WSM 301 from medical school friend Dr Churton Pauli (qv) in 1971. When wife Sue was driving home from work, an engine fire wrecked the bonnet and cracked the windscreen. The car was sold to Peter Clinch (qv) in 1972. Click on for an interesting career in medicine.

Anthony remembers - "Churton (Pauli) had a standard Frogeye Sprite, and when his brother-in-law Mike wanted to change cars, he jumped at the opportunity to buy the WSM. Churton then went on to work as a doctor in Malawi, and then in northern Saskatchewan - so he sold me the car. Neither of us ever used it as anything except a road car. Mike originally had the engine de-tuned, but it still overheated while driving through London, and Churton de-tuned it further - I don't know the details. It was a wonderful road car, and we (ex-wife Sue) both loved it - I vividly remember how it cornered. There was an awful time when the government imposed a 50mph speed limit - even on motorways - and I got clocked at 120mph on my way home for Xmas ! I've never owned a sports car since, or driven a car that is anything but practical as I raised my family. I did return to motor-cycling in middle age, and currently ride a Triumph Bonneville with something like the affection I held for the WSM.

You may or may not remember, but that color of Ochre was almost unique in those days. Both Churton and I were used to guys and girls coming into a pub and calling out for the owner of "that yellow car", and both of us met one or other owner of one or other WSM's. Peter Clinch heard of the car as he knew the garage owner in Nottingham who had worked on the WSM, and offered to take it off my hands. The only other vehicle I parted with like that was a 1935 BSA M20 motor-cycle, which I gave to a complete stranger when I ran out of money to keep it on the road - still a medical student ! That was also a famous bike at Middlesex Hospital, going by the name of "God", since Churton drove an NSU called 'Jesus' - fun times."

Holland, Richard.. Owns the Bentley registered UC 1940 that was given the DW-S lightweight treatment in 1949.

Hulett, Ian. Seasoned Sprite campaigner in the FISC EuroTour series and a front runner on the competitive BMC grid organised by Dutchman Pieter Bakker. Ian drove WSM301 to 6th place in the 2006 Goodwood Revival Fordwater Trophy after running 5th until a spin and late recovery - team mate Murray Henderson instigated the yellow flash on WSM301 - and Ian is pictured with wife Maggie at the Goodwood Revival Ball. In July 2009 work began on the lightweight WSM401 as the first 'Sanction 2' car of WSM Cars partnership production, and on October 2nd 2011 Ian and 401 made a successful debut with the HRDC 'Grand Touring Greats' at Snetterton with a 6th place finish. Results continue improving, and a strong 2nd place at HRDC Donington topped the 2012 season. WSM 401 was officially unveiled with the Sanction 2 WSM's at WSM50 on September 29th 2012 (right).

Hull, Douglas. A wartime aviator, and garagiste in the 1960's, Douglas commissioned a WSM design on his Jaguar XK150S in 1967.

Hull, Paul. Paul recalls many a wet Sunday afternoon spent at the Camden Motors sportscar showroom in the 1960's, and in 1963 his elder brother Andrew bought a Mk 1 Sprite (left, later replaced by a Mk 2 with Lenham bodywork). They joined the Austin Healey Club, and for a few years they marshalled at race meetings, rallies and hillclimbs, where WSM's featured in many of the events - they had always admired WSM's. Living in Berkhamsted, Paul also knew Sebring Sprite owner Geoff Broome quite well as Geoff's optician premises were across the road - Geoff had bought the car from Delta Garage in 1962 and it was a familiar sight parked outside his shop. In 1969 Paul and Andrew decided to go racing and together with a school friend ran a Brabham BT6 in Monoposto Formula races for four seasons. Paul is pictured on the right in the Silverstone paddock, with brother Andrew centre. Then followed a number of typical wheels of the time including Lotus Sevens, an Elan, a TVR, a Mk 3 Sprite, four Ariel motorcycles and more recently a Morris Minor and a Triumph TR3A. In March 2009, a visit to Stoneleigh and the Colmworth Classic Car stand at the Race Retro show gave Paul the opportunity to place an order for the first Sanction 2 WSM Sprite. Although Paul passed on ownership of the build, WSM Cars as a business had their first car underway and that first order was a landmark moment.

Jackson, Peter. Pictured at Silverstone in 1965 with girlfriend Judy and a.n.other, Peter worked alongside Douglas and Jim at Delta Garage, and was also a prominent competition driver. He owned 46 BXN, a Sebring Sprite which he campaigned successfully until the car was burnt out on a Welsh stage rally in 1961, and raced 113 DJB, the MGB roadster with Robbie Gordon (qv) that became the WSM MGB. Peter rebodied BXN using Peels Coachworks of London for the aluminium bodywork which Douglas helped design into an attractive coupe with a Speedwell 'Monza' bonnet (pictured left with Peter at Wyboston 2004). Peter raced and subsequently owned WSM 201, and was involved in the successful 1965 WSM entry at the German Grand Prix support race and the 500k race a month later at the same venue in WSM 206. The WSM team of Douglas, Laurette, son Anthony, daughter Laura, son-in-law Mike Lewis and Peter and wife-to-be Judy travelled (right) in the AEC transporter converted by the Delta Garage team to Douglas's plans for full living accomodation in front and two WSM's loaded in the back. Peter later left Delta Garage to pursue his own business path, and continued to race successfully in other marques. Now living in Cornwall, Peter and Judy have attended several WSM gatherings as guests and are their usual sociable and sought after company. Pictured in November 2005 with John Sprinzel and Willie Cave, Peter attended the Goodwood Revival in 2006 to watch six WSM's in the Fordwater Trophy, and in May 2008 took 'BXN' out during the Sprite 50th (right) celebrations at Goodwood. On September 29th 2012, Peter cut the WSM50 cake with Jim McManus.

Janssen, Peter. Owned 6797 N, the Jaguar XK150S that was re-bodied to a design by DW-S which was commissioned by Douglas Hull (qv) in 1968. Purchased from Martin Staverman in 1997, Peter completed an extensive restoration in 2003.

Jefferson, Josie. Worked in the Delta Garage office with Laura in the early 1960's and remembers the good atmosphere and banter. Now showing Shire horses around the country from her Leighton Buzzard address, Josie and son Stuart came to the Rockingham Re-Union in 2001 and the Octane photoshoot at Wing in 2004.

Jenkins, Chris. Owned the WSM MGB in 1973 which he used as a road car before associate Peter Filby sold the car on to an unknown buyer . .

Jones, Trevor. Drove the WSM MGB during his time at Lenham Motors and established that the WSM MG1300 survives in Devon. Indebted . .

Kusters, Leo. Owned WSM 210 and through his Motobuild business in 1995 restored the car to racing condition in time for the Coys Historic Festival at Silverstone in 1995 (left). With less time to allocate to the WSM, Leo contacted AW-S to offer the car for sale in August 2003. Pictured right are Paul Woolmer and Leo in Holland prior to returning the car to England in November 2003.

Langton, Amanda. Amanda's father Stephen Langton bought the WSM MGB from Josie Tolhurst in 1983. Amanda made her race debut in the WSM and competed in HSCC events, winning the Best Newcomer award and the British Womens Racing Drivers Club award for Best Newcomer in 1984. In 1985 Amanda moved on to Formula Junior in a Lotus 22 but following the tragic death of her father in a Connaught B-type at Brands in 1986, the WSM was sent to the Autotron Museum in Holland where it was displayed between a Delorean and a Mercedes Sports until 1996.

Levey, Michael. Owned the WSM 3000 in 1966-67 while working at Shaw & Kilburn in St Johns Wood, London. He shared the car on a week by week basis with a colleague, and recalls using the car to take his girlfriend, now wife Susan, to the rugby club dinner at Boxhill and singeing her dress with the exhausts. They sold the car in July 1967 as his colleague was getting married and moving to Essex. Thanks to Mike Youles, Michael was put in contact with us via his son Matthew of Moss Europe in August 2010 and sent pictures of the car in his ownership.

Lewis, Michael and Laura. Pictured with DW-S on the grid in 1965, and (right) at Oulton Park in 1998 with WSM 301, Michael met Laura Wilson-Spratt through the Delta Garage business, and duly settled in Oxfordshire where they had a son, Simon, and daughter Jane. Silverstone was a favourite and convenient track to race at - leafing through 'Safety Fast' magazines from 1963 to 1967 throws up many mentions of races in which Michael was involved - and he gained his pilots licence at Kidlington aerodrome. Laura also inherited the family trait and competed in Sprite's or WSM's, sometimes alongside her mother Laurette (left, Laura pictured behind the WSM 3000 at Delta). An ardent MG fan, Michael's cars were badged accordingly and his favourite events were any MGCC Silverstone meeting in the summer. He achieved success with WSM 202 and the WSM MGB before the family moved to the Isle of Man in 1970 to farm land above St Johns village.

Lewis, Simon. Son of Michael and Laura, grandson to DW-S and capable pilot of two and four wheeled machinery - excelled in karting, rallying and sprinting - pictured in a Cooper S during the Willaston Pursuit at the Manx Classic in 1994 and sporting the DW-S 'eagle' motif on the front wing as on WSM's in the 1960's. Pictured right, great-grandson Mike beside WSM MGB in 2009 during a visit from New Zealand with girlfriend Tegan Podmore.

Loveridge, Guy. Auctioneer and journalist whom we met at the Manx Classic in 1996. In 2002 he found a picture of WSM 301 at scrutineering in 1967 at Castle Combe, and drove WSM 301 in the Top Hat series Cloth Cap race at Mallory in 2003. Guy raced a Frogeye in historic events, and took racing seriously with tyre warmers (pictured right) in 2001 at Donington. He marketed the revived Connaught marque in 2005, shared a Sunbeam Rapier with his father at the Manx Classic in 2006 and won his class at the Top Hat series Mallory meeting in September 2006 in the Oldies But Goldies race. His Deep Sanderson 301 was in opposition to WSM's on the Fordwater grid at the 2010 Goodwood Revival driven by Simon Diffey, and the car was sold at the Silverstone Classic auction in July 2011. The latest acquisition is another A-series engined car, a 1962 Ogle that competed at Sebring in period.

Lowry, Jim. An MG race car preparer, restorer and FIA approved examiner, as an organising member of the MGTeam series was involved in gathering grids for events at Donington, Monthlery, Oulton Park and Zandvoort in 2004. The series was re-branded in 2005 as 'Equipe' GTS and continues to cater for high profile cars in long distance races for drivers with National A race licence abroad, or National B licence in the UK. Jim realised an ambition to own a WSM and purchased WSM 202 in September 2004 from Paul Woolmer (qv). Pictured right with 'Mon Ami' Christophe Willmart during their search for Christophe's reading glasses, and at Brands Hatch and Zandvoort in 2005 with WSM 202, Jim subsequently raced at the 2006 Goodwood Revival alongside five other WSM's on the Fordwater Trophy grid (see Race News 2006) and passed custody of the car to John Pearson (qv) in March 2007.

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