October 2nd/3rd - Top Dogs Triumph at Snetterton . .

The 'Equipe' double-header half hour races came up trumps for the season finale, and series organiser Christophe Wilmart knows this excellent series is in rude health when entries and racing are of such high quality at the book-end of the season.

Practice - Guest driver Mark Ellis grabbed pole in his rapid MGA on Saturday morning, with John Andon (TR4) , Mike Harris (MGB) and Pete Foster (TR4) less than a second behind. Helen Elstrop took the TVR Grantura to 14th fastest in what transpired to be an ailing car.

Race One - Andon knew the key to usurping Ellis was off the dry grid, just as Harris surmised that Foster generally produced much better race pace than qualifying times and a strong start was vital. Foster faltered off the line and fell to 6th on lap one, with John Yea and Tim Patchett reaping the benefit in 4th and 5th behind Harris. Andon got his wish but Ellis clung on and only a mistake from Ellis on lap11 allowed Andon breathing space to build a margin for keeps. Foster got Patchett and Yea back in consecutive laps, and caught Harris on lap 8 for third, and a superb MGB dogfight for 8th went John Pearson's way, with Dave Alston and until his 13th lap retirement, series returnee Paul Freeman providing the cut and thrust. Mark Way was sidelined on lap13, but only after close racing with the WSM MGB and latterly with Roy Chamberlain's TR3 - it would prevent him starting on Sunday however. The Triumph Spitfire of Colin Elstrop convincingly won Class 2, and John Hatton (MGB) and Mark Shears (Morgan +4) were hammer and tongs at the flag for 12th while Andon chalked up a convincing win.

Race Two - A greasy but drying track on Sunday morning greeted a grid formed in finishing order from race one, and two green flag laps were sensibly installed. Foster pulled a great start to bag the lead, but Ellis retaliated and built a 7s gap by lap 9, while Andon could'nt stave off the MGB of Harris and was'nt happy with the wet set-up. Meantime, race one DNF Alasdair Bruce (MGB) was charging from the back and caught Andon on the 13th lap for 4th. The ever drying track was suiting the ex-Aston man Foster, and suddenly on lap15 the gap was closing to Ellis and then halved to 3.5s by lap 16. Ellis's lap times were consistently 1.31s/32s, but Foster's dipped to 1.30s and Ellis had mirrors full of TR4 by the 18th lap. Foster slid by with a 1.29s to lead with one lap left for Ellis to respond, but despite fastest lap, a sporting Ellis (left) concluded Foster's drive merited the win. Elstrop cleaned up Class 2 again, with the single race entry Brian Arculus WSM doing well to come through from the back to14th.

Pit & Paddock

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Faux pas and double edged swords come to mind - while talking with 1958 and 1963 saloon car champion Jack Sears, I complimented the 80 year old on his support of grand daughter and MGB racer Suzanne on the 'Equipe' grid. A little later he stopped by the WSM and true to his sobriquet gently explained that although Suzanne thinks I'm wonderful, she was in fact his daughter . .

Absent from 'Equipe' grids this season before today, MGB pilot Paul Freeman has moved house closer to his Alexander Sprite being prepared by Colmworth Classic Cars in Bedfordshire ahead of 2011 entry to 'Equipe' racing . .

Convivial Lancia Fulvia entrant Stuart Downward drives the car to the races, pitches tent, cooks at basecamp and still has time to become a father in 3 months . .

Better fortune for Brian Arculus at Snetterton with WSM 202 than Donington the previous day - at the VSCC SeeRed meeting his leading Lotus Elite suffered damage from a backmarker in the pre-1960's Sports Car race . .

Its official - with no beer goggles in sight, the Red Lion in Kenninghall has the prettiest barmaid in Norfolk. This solemn accolade was unanimous from all 'Equipe' residents circa 11pm local time on Saturday . .

Cocks Conundrum - much scratching of head while WSM 210 feels and sounds quicker than ever, but times are slower . .

Weather - Norfolk - Snetterton - October ? Sunny Saturday and mildly moist on Sunday. Whoever thought otherwise . .

Race two - l to r Mark Ellis, Mike Harris, Pete Foster and Christophe Wilmart with worldwide talent . .
Ex-WSM 202 owner John Pearson (left) with Clive Cocks (WSM 210) . .
JP catching up with a past love . .
The Arculus equipe in readiness after Donington dramas the previous day . .
Peter Bolderson, Stuart Downward and John Andon discuss bbq arrangements . .