Snetterton . .

Those lucky enough to have been at Zandvoort last month felt right at home with the conditions in Norfolk as the MGCC event over an unusually dry week-end hosted the final two rounds of the 2009 'Equipe' GTS series -

Practice - 'Doc' Ashworth set the pace despite only using five laps of a possible ten in his TVR 1800S. The MGB of Jerry Stock impressed with second spot ahead of the perennially sparring John Andon and Pete Foster duo in TR4's. Stephen Radcliffe had to cut short his time with core plug failure on the MGB, the ex-John Gott MGA twin-cam of Mark Ellis decided to break its kingpin which necessitated a trip home for repairs, and Brian Arculus vowed that the engine in WSM 202 was heading to the scrap heap as it failed to complete more than 5 laps.

Race 1 - The Ellis twin-cam just made the back of the grid, and the Radcliffe 'B' was up for action, but at the front 'Doc' Ashworth's prognosis of the starting lights was way off and confusion reigned as flags flew. Andon from third took the lead as Ashworth retreated into the pack, but the suspicion was that Andon too had jumped the lights. While Andon was chased by Foster, Stock and a recovering Ashworth, the Radcliffe MGB threw in the towel after one lap, and Suzanne Sears (daughter of the rapid Gentleman Jack) was literally left stranded after four laps with an engine malady, as her MGB was also the ride home. The busy 'B's of the 'fast moustache' David Beresford, John Yea and Mike Harris made up the rest of the chasing pack, but Ashworth was throwing the TVR through Russell in majestic fashion and was clearly on a mission - made impossible after an off but still achieving 3rd. Ellis justified the mechanicking with a fine 9th place and Class 3 runaway, while the TR4's of Andrew Somerville and newcomer Dominic Spicer in the ex-Neil Howe car were very entertaining in their scuffle for 14th. John Hatton went agricultural, as befits his occupation, but still harvested 16th in his MGB, and the Class 2 MG Midget of Richard McKoen kept Helen Elstrop's improving Spitfire at arms length. Pat Arculus retired the Lotus Elite on lap 11 after a good scrap with Terry Bryant's MGA, and Foster meantime had surged to 2nd in his usual last laps dash before reporting to wife Susie on the touchline. Andon at the flag was a happy bunny, but the post race inquest imposed 10 second penalties and relegated Andon and Ashworth to second and fourth behind Foster and Stock.

Race 2 - The spoke in the wheel for Andon and Ashworth's attempts to redress the balance might not have been expected to come from the back of the grid, but in Tom Smith, absent from Saturday's race, you have possibly the most talented driver of an MGB on track. Andon grabbed the lead on lap one in a straightforward start from Ashworth and Foster, but most eyes were on Smith as he passed 21 cars by lap four. Ellis spun away a good start, and the ex-Owen Racing TVR Grantura v TR4 battle for 7th twixt Colin Elstrop and Spicer was gripping. Paul Freeman showed he's back to form after his huge Spa accident last year and gave the rapid Richard Skinner MGB some grief, and the Elstrop Spitfire won the dogfight with the McKoen Midget. Harris's novel MGB 'airbrake' at Russell (right door open at each lap) helped him to 6th, and Nick Crewdson was smoking the tyres on his MGB in his efforts to stay with the MGB of Dave Alston. On the 5th lap Smith took away the Andon toys exiting Russell, and the TR4 then spat the dummy with broken steering on lap 14. Yea retired from another top ten spot with transmission problems, but up front Smith was serene and built a 16s margin to Ashworth and Class 5 winning Foster at the chequered. Trevor Kemp was a worthy Class 3 champ in the Elva Courier, and a deserving shy and retiring Helen Elstrop scooped Class 2.

Pit and Paddock

Trophy presentation with a Halloween theme - thanks to Ellen, Pat and Mel who made sure all the drivers went home with gifts and scary masks (left) . .

Driver Of The Week-end - Paul Freeman MGB 12th & 11th

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