September 4th/5th - FM Tunes In At Cadwell . .

Cadwell hosted the penultimate rounds of the Equipe GTS series for 2010, and the first visit to the Lincolnshire circuit, referred to as the 'Mountain' course in reference to a mini Nurbergring, for the Equipe grid was an eventful one. The hugely unfortunate Jerry Stock ran part of the test day on Friday before a terminal engine problem wrecked the week-end.

Practice - MGB's filled the top three, with Fast Moustache David Beresford the pacesetter and Mike Harris continuing his 2010 form with second. The TR4's of John Andon and Pete Foster were three and four seconds off the pace, an inexplicably large margin that caused much head scratching, and John Yea completed the B lock out. Newcomer Peter Hesz was having his first race in WSM 208 and alongside Clive Cocks in WSM 210 who was adjusting to new L section tyres ahead of the Goodwood Revival.

Race One - Harris kept the pressure on the FM throughout the race, but the wily Grandfather is an experienced Cadwell fan and was never compromised. A 3.8s margin at the chequer did'nt represent how closely matched throughout much of the race they were, and although Andon got the better of Shrigley-Jones and Yea, the thirty second gap to the third place TR4 was indicative of the leading pair's pace. Foster bettered his practice time by 3 seconds but Yea would'nt yield for 5th. The B's of Graham Bates and Stephen Bolderson scrapped for 8th and despite a faster lap, Junior Bolderson was unable to breach the stout Bates defences - he's definitely beaten the anorexia. A spinning Hesz parked the WSM gently into the barrier in front of a grandstand populated by the WSM owner . .

Race Two - Something in the Chinese banquet fired up Andon on Saturday night - perhaps it was the loss of his noodles - but he took the lead, lost it to Beresford and second to Harris at one point, before storming back with fastest lap and pressing the FM to the line. Foster too came back into form, and held off the rampant B's of Shrigley-Jones and Yea with a best lap some 4.5s better than his practice for 4th. A right barney towards the back between Roy Chamberlain's TR3, Junior Bolderson and Wilson-Spratt back in the blue WSM looked settled after minor contact between the TR and the B through Park, but Bolderson clawed in the WSM for a well deserved 9th. Tim Patchett sealed a quiet week-end while picking up a pair of 7th places, but the broadest smile of the day was FM broadcasting from the white and black Beresford B as he celebrated his first wins in Equipe GTS.

Pit & Paddock

Click on for in-car video from WSM 208 courtesy of cameraman Paul Webb . .

and courtesy of Stephen Bolderson for in-car footage from his MGB . .

. . Cocks raided the (parts) bin for WSM 210

. . Gallic flare out

. . The Bates changing room needs enlarging

. . Susie also gets a lot of polishing done

. . Mind games from Cocks before jumping the start and reporting to the beak

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Next Equipe GTS rounds 12/13 at Snetterton on October 2nd/3rd . .