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Oct 1st/2nd MGCC Snetterton . .

The revised Norfolk circuit beckoned in '200' form and three races for WSM's 207 and 208. More interest was promised as the Sanction 2 WSM made her debut (left) in the HRDC race on Sunday, and WSM 202 in 'Equipe' GTS on Saturday.

'Equipe' Q - The TR4's of John Andon and Pete Foster topped the charts, but Simon Wood kept MGB interest alive in 3rd. Brian Arculus startled many with WSM 202's performance at 4th, while Mark Steward impressed in Rae Davis's WSM 207 in 9th on the 28 car grid. Colin (TVR Grantura) and Helen Elstrop (Spitfire) gave notice of their intent in 5th and 18th, and David Russell-Wilks (10th) continues to quicken in his immaculate MGB roadster.

Race 1 - Andon and Foster ran closely but the poleman looked comfortable with a second or so gap. Wood had terminal issues on lap 2, as did WSM 208 with head gasket failure. Dave Thompson clawed the TVR Grantura into third, but up front a couple of missed braking points signalled trouble for Andon - fluid was being lost which could be seen from the pitwall but unbeknown to Andon a radiator hose had split and he coasted into an unhappy retirement as dials soared on lap 17. Foster cruised home with 43s over Thompson, and Steward upheld WSM honours in 3rd as Arculus dropped out on lap 12.

Race 2 - The bit firmly clenched, Andon was with the leaders after 3 laps. Graham Bates (MGB) made a great start and ran second until Andon and Alistair Davidson (MGB) got on him lap 4, and Andon timed a run on lap 15 past Foster. Arculus made up for Saturday's disappointment with 4th ahead of Mike Harris's MGB making his one appearance of the week-end. The Elstrops justified a trip from the North and chalked up 9th and 15th.

HRDC Q - Having got his eye in with WSM 202, it was no huge surprise that Arculus swept all after him in the Lotus Elite. The Rae Davis Mini Gem and Sebring Sprite of Paul Woolmer brushed up well, and all three WSM's clocked 1m 39s in midfield, with Ian Hulett introducing the Sanction 2 WSM in 10th. The Lenham MG of Shaun Rainford shed an oil hose but an apologetic Rainford was assured that positions would not have been much changed.

Race - Arculus lead until lap 3 when he spun and gave Davis a chink, but Arculus responded on the 7th tour and would'nt be headed again. Rainford scored a lonely podium, while Woolmer edged away from 5th placed James Prentice Le Mans Sprite. Hulett was pleased with 6th straight out of the box.

Pit & Paddock

Lock out Norfolk style - on arrival at the George & Dragon in East Harling at circa 10pm, they had double-booked my Saturday night stay, but got me into a B & B a few miles down the road. After a natter with Brian Arculus, who had'nt been double booked, I went in search of said B & B armed with a telephone number. At 10.45pm I called the B & B for directions from what transpired to be nearby and they said . . "Goodnight, you're far too late, we're going to bed . . "

If strawberries and cream hit your buttons, then Snetterton was the place to be - both the Hulett and the Webb motorhomes produced freshly picked English variety - Maggie and Yvette were popular hosts . .

Much humour aroused by the Isle of Man-based Audi estate full of wet weather gear and warm clothing - temperatures at Snetterton hit circa 28c . .

Good to see Jim Lowry, co-founder of 'Equipe' GTS on Saturday - much debate on the future of the series given Christophe's recent hospitalisation, and Jim's update was useful . .

The final HRDC event of 2011 leaves a hankering for more - Julius Thurgood has proved he has the organisation and the will, so expectations will be high for 'Grand Touring Greats' in 2012 . .

So much for the quiet week-end of relaxation for Paul Webb . .

Murray Henderson attending to the debutant . .

Brian Arculus - receives a long overdue WSM shirt . .

Mark Steward - a podium with first race in a WSM . .

A family affair - Wes holding the baby, Nicky and Yvette holding their breath . .

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pictures courtesy of Paul Webb

24th/25th September at DDMC Croft . .

WSM 208 made her racing debut at Croft in front of DW-S in May 2009 (left) with the 'Equipe' GTS series, and the Austin-Healey Club this time provided the double-header at the Darlington & District Motor Club venue. Although a small grid, the Lackford Engineering sponsored event had its moments.

Q - Predictably the full race Healey 3000 of serial winner David Smithies set the pace, but in his wake the rest could squabble over the scraps . .

R1 - WSM 208 sought photographers attention with 3rd into first corner, first lap, but thereon Smithies controlled the margin to Adrian Ball in second as 208 slipped away and the field came past. The Sprite's of Patrick Harris and Neil Cameron gave no quarter, while Ball in a borrowed 3000 held off the quicker Harris by a whisker. The unfortunate Drew Cameron retired his Sprite on the first lap after a major eruption of smoke.

R2- Smithies played the game and made a dreadful start, leaving Ball's 3000 and WSM 208 to lead the field into corner one. Normal service was resumed as Smithies stormed back through, but Harris kept him honest and had the beating of Ball for second. Cameron's Vesuvius impersonation on lap 3 was spectacular.

Pit crew Healey-style
'Bootlid' demo's joint technique to 'Scoop'
Healey fossil Joe Cox holds court
Smithies Meercat action - kiss first, questions later
A season ender, much to Allan Cameron's joy

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Pit & Paddock

Lock out Croft style - after Beefeating in Darlington with the team, returned to the Chequers Inn circa 12.30pm to a darkened premises, even darker village, and non-functioning door key. Tapping up neighbours did the trick, but not recommended as the most popular method of rescue . .

Brian 'Bootlid' Bedford and Pat Harris kindly assisted getting WSM 208 fixed for Sunday's race. Although it did'nt last, Pat understandably was'nt impressed when 208 passed him into the first corner on Sunday . .

'Scoop' Broster lost a registration plate off his long suffering Audi en route to Croft - given his Wirral address, it was suggested the plate was long gone prior to departure . .

Noise issues for Ball's 3000 and the WSM which BARC scrutineer Keith Marchment (left) helped resolve, but the V12 paddock bike of another competitor must have been three times as loud . .

The Essex crew of 'Bootlid' and Harris have a TT visit next June under serious consideration - how rash might my offers of hospitality have been . . ?

Austin-Healey Club dinner (and AGM) November 19th at Village Hotel, Swindon - Joe for tickets on 07710 028163

15/09 HRDC and 'Equipe' GTS . .

Four WSM entries are confirmed for MGCC Snetterton on October 1st/2nd on the lightly revised '200' circuit -

Brian Arculus (WSM 202) in the 'Equipe' GTS races vies for Class 2 honours alongside AW-S (WSM 208) on Saturday and Sunday.

William Lynch drives WSM 207 again in the HRDC 'Grand Touring Greats' - William made his WSM debut in Rae Davis' 207 at the wet HRDC Mallory event in May - and shares the two 'Equipe' races with WSM debutee Mark Steward. AW-S (WSM 208) and Ian Hulett (WSM 401 S2) also duke out the HRDC race on Sunday for WSM bragging rights, but team orders apply in both races . .

Ex-WSM hotshoe Peter Jackson is scheduled to be in Norfolk in support of Paul Woolmer's entry with the Sebring 'BXN', the car that Peter raced extensively in the early 1960's.

WSM S2 constructor and Colmworth Classic Cars proprietor Paul Webb and assistant Wes Attew will be keeping an eye on their charges, as will Andrew Garbutt, whose motorhome hospitality knows no bounds and therefore may be foisted with a vagrant WSM driver again on Friday night at Snetterton.

Geoff Hill, who ran WSM 205 in the 1960's, also threatens an appearance at Croft on September 24th/25th to size up WSM 208 in the Austin Healey races . .

12/09 WSM 401 At MGCC Snetterton . .

Entry is now confirmed for the lightweight Sanction 2 WSM of Ian Hulett for the HRDC race on October 2nd - a much anticipated race debut, as Ian incorporated many of the weight saving measures in the build process that were used with the 1963 Chiron blue DW-S lightweight WSM 206. Ian kept his hand in with third place at Mallory in his open-top Sprite last week in the Swinging Sixties race.

Yet to be confirmed are entries for the WSM's of Clive Cocks, Brian Arculus and Rae Davis. Recently bestowed Grandfather duties are slowing the former, while Brian has been keeping busy with the Lotus Elite and headlined with a win at Donington in the MGCC's 50 Sports Car race. Rae is usually dependant on how many customer cars he has running as to whether the front-running WSM 207 gets exercised . .

06/09 Healey Club, HRDC and 'Equipe' GTS . .

A busy week beckons as an end of season splurge for WSM 208 begins with a welcome return to Croft in the North East with the Austin Healey Club race series courtesy of Joe Cox. Two races over the 24th September week-end are followed by two 'Equipe' races at Snetterton 1st/2nd October and the final HRDC grid of 2011 on the '200' circuit.

BDC Silverstone 13th/14th August . .

The WSM's of Brian Arculus (202) and Clive Cocks (210) had mixed fortunes on the 'Equipe' GTS grids over the week-end. Practice on Saturday morning was wet and and the Dunlop-shod cars were struggling while the front wheel drive cars came into their own with the Lancia Fulvia of Stuart Downward qualifying ahead of 26th placed 202 - Clive found a loose crankshaft damper on 210 and took the car home to prepare for Sunday. The track was dry by kick-off and Brian was disappointed with a misfire occuring mid-race and dropping to 20th, although hard on the heels of ex-Equipe organiser Jim Lowry's TR4 for a Class win. A repeat dose on Sunday brought an excellent 11th, and Clive battled through for 22nd as electrical gremlins slowed.

The WSM connection continued later on Sunday with Brian contesting the 50's Sports & GT race in his Lotus Elite and finding himself embroiled with the Allard Farrallac of ex-WSM owners Tony and Pia Bianci. After a holiday, Paul Woolmer was thrust back in thick of things with support of the 100S of Mick Darcey and 100/4 of Jonathon Abecassis.

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WSM at Pageant of Power 15th-17th July . .

Even if not blessed with one of Mother Nature's drier week-ends, the fourth PoP still drew the crowds, and 50,000 plus beat last years attendance figures. Inevitable comparison to the Festival of Speed is drawn, but a family atmosphere, relaxed administration and 'can do' attitude earns Cholmondeley its own definitive calendar spot. Patron Peter Rickett's work in assembling a breathtaking entry was aided by support from Bentley, and the Donington collection, and the surrounding attractions of powerboats, air displays, grass track racing, rally stage and military machinery on manoeuvres were exceptional. The PoP spectacle was complete with sunshine accompanying a full orchestral concert in front of the thousands on Cholmondeley Castle hill on Saturday evening -

Up to 4th in the dry on Yokohama's, the WSM slipped, literally, down the Class list as the heavens opened on Sunday, and Paul Woolmer's PMO 200 was very much in 'road trim' condition - he had a practice run in WSM 208 on Friday ahead of PMO's arrival with wife Sharon.

Cockpit exit Brutus-style Is that your best side Paul . . ? Commentators curse with fellow IoM resident Neville Haye
Flying the flag - WSM 208 Freddie wants one Steve Cropley (right) and Matt Prior of Autocar fame
No need to bring the bbq WSM 208 plus Birdcage Maserati and Cobra Paul Woolmer - screen debut in 208
Ex-WSM owner Tony & Pia Bianci with Allard Farrallac Post -1957 Le Mans & Sports Cars Yokohama's fine in the dry
TT winner on two and four wheels - Stuart Graham Derek Bell drove the Le Mans winning Bentley Barrie 'Whizzo' Williams called by

Classic & Sportscar review

Shropshire Star review

Sports Car Digest review

25th/26th June - Silverstone Spectacular . .

The combined lure of the Arena Grand Prix circuit and the annual MG bash at the home of motor racing got everyone's juices flowing - fifty cars for the HRDC Touring and Grand Touring Greats practised on Sunday morning, amongst them three WSM's and their Sebring cousin 'BXN'. The 3.66 mile circuit drew approval from all canvassed and observations that plentiful racing lines were on offer -

Q - Having a heads up peek at the Grand Prix circuit on Friday's test day certainly paid dividends for the Woolmer/ Elwell combination, with BXN in a fine front row spot alongside series sponsor Rainford's Lenham SS1800 on pole. Arculus hustled WSM 202 into 9th, but the unfortunate Cocks had engine problems and was consigned to the back of the grid in WSM 210. Other standouts included Prentice in the dayglow orange Le Mans Sprite, and journalist Anderson debuting in the Lenham Spitfire GT in search of clues to the success of the HRDC series - the ominous horsepower of the Cunningham Jaguar Mk 1 and Harrison Volvo Amazon lurked in 3rd and 4th.

R - A long hold on the baking hot grid while the massive field was placed probably did for the Rainford Lenham, and after giving chase to the fast starting Cunningham, the engine gave up the ghost after four laps. The Rae Davis Mini Gem had dived ahead on the third tour, but Woolmer slipped to 7th while Harrison, Prentice and the Dyson Zephyr Mk2 were all in the mix. Burton's Jaguar XK outfoxed Cunningham and Davis on lap 4 for a short lived lead, and the MG Lenham Le Mans were on the move, with Haigh scrapping his way up from 22nd and Burford from 16th, while guest driver Sidery-Smith wafted up the order from 10th in his illustrious ex-works MGB. Cocks ground to a halt with WSM 210 early on, as did the Ashley GT's of Darryl Davis and Wright. One midfield barney centred on Lynch in the A35, Butterfield's Jaguar Mk1, ed's WSM and Woods in another Ashley GT - Anderson's quest for material was a short one as his Spitfire became embroiled in the good natured dispute over 10th. Oil dropped mid-race after Copse slowed the pace, but Lynch proved bravest past the yellow and red slippery surface flags, leaving Woods and ed to bare teeth at each other down Hanger straight until Woods throttle cable broke. Elwell's swift change for Woolmer kept the Sebring in touch up front, but the Dyson Zephyr led on lap six.rArculus kept WSM in the hunt in 5th, while the Davis Mini Gem and the Burton Jaguar XK missed the pit-stop window and were subsequently penalised, leaving a jubilant Woolmer/Elwell to pick up a podium as the Cunningham Jag limped into retirement on lap 11. Sidery-Smith was still on the move and when Davis pitted on lap 12, 'Sideways' inherited a comfortable lead he was not to lose over the Harrison Volvo, cemented when a safety car to rescue the ailing Zephyr at Brooklands finished proceedings.

Pictures courtesy of Geoff Hill, John Mangan and Paul Webb

The boys agreed - banish funny hats and Harvey's . . Diffuser and the air flow cream told a story . .
No clues to the weather on Sunday . . Clive had a surprise for Maggie and Yvette . .
Proud parents of 401 S2 . . Gordon and Paul - right tactics, wrong headgear . .

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Pit & Paddock

Thank you's to MGCC Dave Saunders and the voluntary team for another well run meeting - grateful too for the help with WSM's from Brian Arculus, Clive Cocks, Andy Garbutt, Murray Henderson, Peter Hesz, Ian Hulett, John Mangan, Paul and Yvette Webb, Graham Wharton and Paul and Sharon Woolmer.

The Arena tribute to DW-S

Good to meet up again with ex-WSM owners Geoff Hill and Mike White, and Eddie Wright who was with Delta Garages in the 1960's colouring-in WSM's, and MG and aviation buffs Chris and Mavis Parker.

'Equipe' GTS racers John Andon, Graham Bates, Mike and photographer wife Sarah Harris, and John Yea dropped by, as did journalist Andrew Roberts, ex-F1 mechanic Ted and wife Sally de la Riviere, WSM Sanction 2 owner Lorraine Noble-Thompson and Spridgeteer Ian Grainger.

MGLive . .

Confirmation that WSM's will be in the race paddock on Sunday 26th June until 11.15am, and then transferred to the Arena site inside Copse corner for presentation by Graham Robson, the well known author of MG and Healey repute. The WSM's will be taken to the race assembly area at 12.25pm to join the fifty-four car HRDC grid for a 1pm race.

Silverstone Tribute . .Click on logo's for more details -

The HRDC series plan a tribute to DW-S at MGLive on 26th June. Series organiser Julius Thurgood has circa 54 cars assembled from the 'Touring Car Greats' and 'Grand Touring Car Greats' grids, and in response we hope to field at least four WSM's. It is 10 years since the Rockingham Re-Union brought so many of you together as a surprise for Dads 80th birthday, so we hope this is a timely opportunity to meet up again . .

May 30th / Rae Reigns At Mallory . .

The HRDC jamboree arrived in Leicestershire amidst steady rain that outstayed its welcome on May Bank Holiday Monday - but it did'nt dampen the Rae Davis enthusiasm for pole positions as he utilised the front wheel drive abilities of the diminutive Mini Gem. Shaun Rainford and Gordon Elwell (Sebring Sprite) were the usual suspects near the pointy end, but third for Ian Burford (MG Lenham Le Mans Coupe) showed his top ten finish at Brands was no fluke.Deja vous at the start as Elwell got to the first corner ahead, as he did at Goodwood and Brands, and Davis slipped to fourth. Paul Woolmer (Sebring Sprite) and William Lynch, making his WSM debut, were squabbling over 4th, and Brian Arculus (Lotus Elite) was the commentators favourite in his successful quest for Class honours. Burford was making up places hand over fist after starting from the back of the grid before a 15-lap dnf, but when Elwells engine leaked through the hairpin just prior to retirement, all lap times became a lottery. Davis stepped up the pace and had such a comfortable margin over arch-rival Rainford that he could afford a gentle 'off' at the hairpin and still maintain the lead. Mike Haigh (MG Lenham Le Mans) revelled in the damp for a podium, and in winning Class D for the horsepower minnows, Geoff Turral (Fiat Abarth 750) took an impressive 11th place overall. WSM 208 chose to complete just 9 laps of practice before throwing up a clutch problem that could'nt be resolved before the race. The 'Motors TV' camera and make-up team did what they could in the time available before interviewing Messrs Lynch in the pitlane, and Davis in the paddock . .

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Pictures courtesy of Paul Webb (Colmworth Classic Cars)

Next HRDC race Silverstone 26th June MGLive - a combined 'Touring' and 'Grand Touring Greats' grid on the Arena GP circuit

WSM at Donington Park, May 21st/22nd . .

WSM 202 had a good work-out at the 'See Red' meeting on the revamped Leicestershire circuit where Brian Arculus topped the class in the 'Equipe' GTS double-header. Courtesy of Marcus Pye and the Autosport team, click on to read on . . .

Mallory Park and Motors TV . .

With Equity cards at the ready, the 'Grand Touring Greats' presented by the HRDC series on Monday May 30th features WSM's 207, 208 and 210 after a successful week-end in the Brands Hatch series opener on April 9th. The race is to be televised live on Sky's 'Motors TV' and has attracted a large grid of sub-1500cc Historic GT's pre-1966, where ex-Porsche 924 pilot Will Penrose steps up into an exclusive club of WSM drivers with his debut in WSM 207 (right), by dint of owner Rae Davis. WSM 208 will be sporting an overdue purchase of Dunlop 'L's, and Clive Cocks brings WSM 210 (red) up from his Northants home to seek another top ten spot. Paul Woolmer has 'BXN' (right) back on track for a second appearance on the HRDC grid after a fine 4th place last time out. WSM 202 owner Brian Arculus brings a Lotus Elite to the Kirkby Mallory circuit and keeps the WSM back for the MGLive HRDC race at Silverstone on June 25th.

Broadcasting on Bank Holiday Monday begins at lunchtime - click on the 'Motors TV' logo for more details . .

An 80+ entry for the Celton Manx Classic trilogy on motorsport Island was blessed by sunshine from first to last -

28th April / Grandstand Sprint - large crowds on Thursday enjoyed the revised course of less chicanes and more speed, but fewer realised the two practice runs between 12pm and 3pm were a re-schedule as opposed to an add-on, and just the two competition runs were run in the evening. WSM 208 on Yokohama's and Clive Cocks in WSM 210 on Dunlops finished 2nd and 3rd in Class 2a for pre-68 up to 1500cc, while Steve O'Donohue cleaned up FTD in his Caterham Super 7. Jonathon Gough's failed GT40 entry was replaced by his Volvo estate stickered up with 'GT40 replica'. Click on for results.

The Sloc hillclimb on Friday enjoyed an uninterrupted run, and WSM 210 was a respectable 3rd while 208 had a rest day. Richard Weir headed a squabbling Caterham foursome for FTD and new hill record. Branislav Sudjic (left) entertained the fans with his 1914 Stutz Speedster, as did WSM driver Cocks (right). Click on for results.

Lhergy Frissell - The jewel in the MMRC crown on Saturday was less fortunate. Mountain road closure is treasured by all motorsport organisers, and hoops jumped through and herculean efforts made to ensure road opening times are respected. Despite the superb work of Clerk of the Course Graham Malcolm and his team, an emergency ambulance call from Nobles helped scupper the second competition run - it then transpired to be not an emergency, but merely a change of shift that could have been re-routed. WSM's 208 and 210 were beaten into 3rd and 4th by Dave Musgrove's stonking Class 2a record run in his Cooper S, and the FJ Cooper of Simon Smith on just his second run up the Lhergy Frissell due to earlier brake maladies. FTD and hill record went to Caterham 7 mounted Andy Hardy, who also took the overall post-1981 award by just 0.05s after three days competition.Septuagenarian Albert Sparrowhawk (left) returned with his Alvis 4.3 after a 4 year absence from the Manx Classic.

Connor Corkhill was fastest pre-1981 on all three events in his Escort RS1800.

Keeping up with the Smith's (left) was the order of the day - brothers Andrew, Simon and Adam (not pictured) in T43 Cooper, T56 FJ Cooper and Frazer Nash respectively, had nephew Dan Smith keeping them honest in his Morris Mini. Andrew's car was driven by Jack Brabham in period, hence the picture with ed on board in overalls signed by the ex-World Champ. Click on for results.

Manx Classic 2012 April 26th-28th

09/04 - A Wuzzum Fest Hatches at Brands . .

As the English winter dissolved seemingly at the flick of a switch and gave way to summer, so the WSM hibernation ended with a flourish at the Kent circuit. The surprise appearance by Davis with WSM 207 for the HRDC 'Grand Touring Greats' grid was a bonus, and qualifying saw WSM listed in 1st, 5th, 6th and 10th, with Woolmer planting the Sebring Sprite 'BXN' in 3rd. The Le Mans Sprite of Prentice was a stunning addition to an already formidable array, and minor scrutineering issues were resolved in favour of the historic and aerodynamic masterpiece.

pictures courtesy of Paul Webb

Elwell blitzed the front row from fourth to lead into Paddock in the Sebring Sprite 'MEG', but Rainford's Lenham SS and Davis were on his case with Woolmer, Perk's GSM Dart-Climax and the WSM's of Arculus and Cocks in company (right). Rainford got Elwell before the lap was up, but Davis took another tour before he could chase and catch the flying Lenham. Arculus held off Woolmer until lap10, while Haigh (Lenham Le Mans) and Perk were waging battle for 6th. Davis and Rainford swopped places up front regularly until lap 22 when WSM four cylinders became a temporary three, but even when the WSM recovered its wayward cylinder, Rainford had enough in hand to seal the deal.

pictures courtesy of Paul Webb

Next HRDC Grand Touring Greats - televised live on Motors TV Mallory May 30th

The double-header 'Equipe' grid was dominated by the MGB of Cottingham. The top five qualifiers were under the minute, while racing returnee de la Riviere in 8th proved the old adage about never forgetting how to ride a bike. Lambert gave valiant chase in race one, with the Andon TR always menacing in third. Harris (MGB) was a disappointed 5th after 3rd in qf, but MGB pedellers Bruce, Pearson and Yea had the broadest smiles after their skirmish over 8th. The only Class 2 runner WSM 208 took a hike into the gravel and rejoined when a safety car period kicked in . .

Race two saw Cottingham stroll away again, but this time Lambert's chase was foiled by an errant black flag. Harris recovered form to take 2nd, but Andon and Ellis (MGA) were tooth and nail for 3rd while a recovering Lambert was not best pleased with 7th. WSM honours were upheld with 208 in 16th . .

Next 'Equipe' GTS grid at Donington 21st/22nd May - VSCC 'See Red'

Click on for results courtesy of TSL Timing

Brands Hatch entries . .

A twenty one car grid kicks off the HRDC 'Grand Touring Greats' series, with a further four sub-1000cc cars from the over-subscribed 'Touring Greats' tagged on. A resumption of the Fordwater battle last September between Rae Davis, Shaun Rainford and Gordon Elwell would justify attendance alone on Saturday 9th, but there's also some dark horses that could be in the mix. Organiser Julius Thurgood will be pleased with his first HRDC attendance . .

Spa Francorchamps to Mallory Park . .

The Summer Classic on 10th,11th and 12th June won't now include the 'Equipe' GTS grid. Hugo Holder of the CSCC held a door open for their 'Swinging Sixties' grid at the same venue but we can't get off the Island as TT is in full swing at that time. Looks like Mallory with the HRDC 'A' series grid on Bank Holiday Monday May 30th is the back up plan . .

Brands Hatch 9th/10th April . .

Confirmation of the WSM season opener with WSM's 202, 208 and 210 scheduled for the very first HRDC 'A' series challenge on Saturday 9th April, and Paul Woolmer bringing out 'BXN' in support of the new grid. WSM 208 also contests the first two rounds of the 'Equipe' GTS series on Saturday and Sunday, while Brian Arculus takes the Lotus Elite off to the Classic & Sportscar races on the Snetterton 300 course . .

19/03 AHC . .

From AHC co-ordinator Joe Cox - 'Due to a combination of driver pressure and a smattering of 'force majeur', the format and dates of the Austin Healey Championship have changed for 2011 with immediate effect. The championship will now be run exclusively by BARC and we shall revert to the 2010 regulations for tyres, weights etc. We shall run entirely in our own races regardless of entrant numbers. The championship will be run over ten rounds in five weekends with each weekend giving you a double header race opportunity (2 x 20 min) with a single 15 minute practice. Your best seven rounds will count towards your final placement and only two cars not three will need start in each class to qualify that class for full points' -

2nd / 3rd April - BAR Silverstone7th / 8th May - BARC Snetterton30th / 31st July - BARC Pembrey Historic weekend28th / 29th August - BARC Brands Hatch (Indy)24th / 25th September - BARC Croft

'Entry fees will range between £320 and £350 for each meeting depending on circuit. To participate you will need to register with and be a member of BARC and a member of the Austin Healey Club as in previous years. You will need to have registered for the championship by 1st April if you wish to do more than two rounds in the invitation class G.'

13/03 - AHC . .

Changes in the Austin Healey Championship as series organiser Joe Cox brings in Dunlops for all classes running in the mixed AMOC and BARC grids. Two double-header 20 minute races with BARC, and six 45 minute races with AMOC may help stem dwindling numbers, but all series face similar problems with rising circuit costs and another busy historic calendar for 2011 . .

'Equipe' Calendar . .

A provisional list of dates and circuits includes Brands Hatch MGCC 9th/10th April, Le Mans ACO 2nd/3rd July, Silverstone BDC 13th/14th August, Croft DDMC 10th/11th September and Snetterton in October tba. With the A-series Challenge (see below), there's a busy April week-end at Brands in store . .

12/02 - HRDC . .

Interesting mailshot from Julius Thurgood, organiser of the ex-Top Hat race format, with news in the excellent 'The Racer' magazine from the Historic Racing Drivers Club and their intention to run a series to cater for A-series cars on Dunlop L section tyres. Essentially a follow-on to the Fordwater Trophy grid at the Goodwood Revival in 2010, the first race is planned for 9th/10th April (see page headline) on the Brands Hatch Indy circuit as a 30 minute 'A-series Challenge' . .

06/01 - Donald Healey Memorial Trophy Race . .

The grapevine rattles that a Dunlop-shod grid of Sprite's might be organised for the popular DH Memorial race. The success of the 2010 Goodwood Revival Fordwater Trophy race certainly reminded many that without fully modified Class E cars such a grid would be possible . .