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13/12/21 - New Year Wheels Of Dreams. .

WSM's 407 and 301 construction and restoration respectively are underway at HQ and although they won't make the stocking fillers, two happy owners have a year to look forward to. WSM 301 reverts to the original fast road and occasional race spec from 1965, and the Sanction Two car designated WSM 407 is ordered with similar performance.

01/12/21 - What I Want For Xmas . .

Even in the depths of winter while the WSM's are mainly dormant, a young fan from nearby found his way to the WSM MGB driver's seat. Dad races motorbikes, so obviously in the blood . .

18/11/21 - Equipe MGB 60 . .

WSM are signed up for Equipe's grid at Silverstone on June 11th to celebrate the 60th birthday of the MGB. The planned 60 car grid for the 40 minute two-driver race should be a cracker and at least emulate the 2012 edition.

30/09/21 - WSM 210 At Fund Raiser . .

Long term owner Clive Cocks took WSM 210 to the 110-year old Kop Hill Climb event last week-end, and as only a few miles from Leighton Buzzard there were some knowledgeable spectators and commentators who recognised entrant reference 365 in the paddock and on the course. One chap recalled working near Delta garage in the 1960's and always seeing some interesting vehicles going to and fro. And judging by the description regarding 'substantial stature', he remembered my mother and father boarding a Cooper S and beating a rapid path up Hockliffe St (obviously to make the most of time away from their youngest offspring).

The WSM went well, and according to Clive . . 'better than the Bianchi . . '. There were plenty of famous faces at the event, with all proceeds going to charitable causes in the community, including another Manx connection in bike racer Maria Costello MBE, the fastest woman around the TT mountain course at 114mph until 2009.

06/09/2021 - Speed Records . .

The Lakeland Motor Museum and the Ruskin Museum were very worthwhile visits while in the Lake District. Amongst a great array of evocative exhibits, the former had a great TT section, and at the latter we met Gina Campbell (left), daughter of Donald, the late land and water speed record holder in Bluebird. Alex (right) has a WSM following closely behind . .

03/07/21 - WSM 407 S . .

A little bit of history repeating itself in that the order received for the next Sanction 2 WSM is for the Sprint version. American serviceman Joel Nelson took delivery in New York of his WSM 207 Sprint in 1963 (pictured after completion at Delta), and 58 years on as we imitate the original manifest, Andrew Storer has ordered WSM 407 in similar spec. The Pukka-Pies joint MD knows his way around a Sprite too, as a successful campaigner in the MGCC Cockshoot race series amongst others.

02/06/2021 - John Sprinzel . .

Sad to hear of Shakey's passing in Hawaii last week. A contemporary of my father's during what were definitely fun years on the motorsport scene when an individual with imagination, enthusiam, charm and expertise could thrive amongst the big factory fish. Our condolences to Caryl and the family . .

24/04/21 - Breaking Out In WSM 402 . .

The Douglas is getting an airing on Sunday, a first for almost a year. National Drive It Day was created by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs in 2005 and provides an opportunity for historic vehicle enthusiasts and the public at large to celebrate the One Thousand Mile Trial organised in 1900 to prove the viability of the new invention, the motor vehicle. It’s also a chance to raise awareness and support amongst the public for the historic vehicle movement and keeping transport heritage on UK roads. 

This year the FBHVC have teamed up with the NSPCC’s Childline®  to raise money as an integrated part of Drive It Day in order to use the movement to contribute to a section of society that has needs help and support during the pandemic – vulnerable children. Lockdown has magnified all sorts of societal problems and the long days and weeks trapped in broken homes or abusive environments have put vulnerable children even more at risk. 

The restrictions on social contact and the movement of people have seriously curtailed fundraising efforts for charities across the board and charities have found themselves underfunded, just at the moment when they need the resource the most.  All profits from the official Drive It Day rally plate go towards the NSPCC’s Childline®

20/02/21 - WSM 402 In Abingdon Monthly . .

Chris Hale's write-up in Safety Fast magazine reveals the passion Lorraine Noble-Thompson has for all things MG and in particular the Sanction 2 WSM. With one of two WSM's currently North of the border, Lorraine is unfazed at racking up the mileage on two or four wheels, and a race licence is also on the horizon . .

18/01/21 - New Custodian . .

BRSCC Mazda MX5 Championship runner Jack Willmott has acquired WSM 208. One of a trio of Hertfordshire family racing brothers, Jack replaces the Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Sprint with 208 and will join the Equipe GTS grids for 2021 alongside WSM 401 and the WSM MGB . .

17/01/21 - Tulip and Manx Tails. .

Archives alive again and the 1963 Tulip Rally (left) in Holland with WSM 206 amongst the parc ferme entries in Noordwijk. Brian Culcheth's book 'Global Travels of a Rally Champion' with Pablo Raybould also includes a shot of Brian disembarking for the Manx Trophy rally in May 1963 . .

13/01/21 - Sixties Star . .

Peter Flanagan in Sheffield is restoring the ex-Anita Taylor / David Wansborough Cooper S as originally prepared in Aurora Gears Racing colours. The log book records Delta Garages ownership in March 1964 before selling to Aurora in Sheffield for Anita to race in the BSCC that season. Sister to F1 driver Trevor Taylor who set up Aurora, Anita was high profile in her own right and raced saloon cars until 1967. Robbie Gordon from December 1964 and Wansborough / Newtune in 1965 continued the car's racing history . .

12/01/21 - WSM in Japan . .

Contact from Tazunu Kaneko at Parc-Ferme in Tokyo where WSM 203 resides. One of four exports in 1963, three of which were LHD, 203 is still active on track and has the original aluminium bonnet. Tazunu is well but a new strain of Covid has been discovered and a state of emergency exists in Greater Tokyo.

11/01/21 - Combe Over . .

Another snippet from Maarten Krikken is an assembly area shot from Castle Combe in 1965 with WSM's 205 and 206 ready for action. Mike White is in the middle of the front-row with number 4, while DW-S is numbered 77 on the third row.

08/01/21 - Belgian Banter . .

Historic Marcos Register website co-ordinator Maarten Krikken has been in touch and it seems four years have passed since last contact. Potential Marcos restorations are on pause, but while viewing the Marcos website I noticed Peter Jackson pictured at Nurburgring in 1963 for the 500k event - thanks to Maarten and Peter for reproduction here. Peter recalls sharing the car with the late owner Tim Lalonde and leading the race until clutch issues arose.

07/01/21 - The Tow Car . .

For sale at the Graber Sportgarage, the Jaguar XK150 Estate in Switzerland. Would be great to see the car back on these shores . .

06/01/21 - Separation From Loved Ones . .

Lockdown applying in the Isle of Man again as well as on the 'adjacent Island'. At least WSM208 and 301 are with kindred spirits BXN and WSM202 in Bedfordshire, and the WSM MGB is marooned here with the odd venture over the TT Mountain course when weather permits. Rae Davis (WSM207), Clive Cocks (WSM210), Ian Hulett (WSM401), Lorraine Noble-Thompson (WSM402) and Michael Glore (WSM403) in Mississippi (pictured left) have their WSM's on the doorstep, but Scott Murdoch is stuck in London and WSM405 is in Scotland.

News that with the WSM3000 finished, a trip to see the car's instigator Malcolm Bridgland is on the cards whenever travel restrictions are lifted. It's been 55 years since I was last in the car as a passenger, but looking forward more to seeing Malcolm's reaction. He parted with the car after a couple of years ownership in 1967 and viewed the delapidated survivor at the WSM50 gathering in 2012. Current owner Robert Waterhouse has ensured a complete return to former glory has been achieved . .