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13/10/20 Jaguar XK150S . .

The grapevine rattles with the XK for sale in Switzerland and that there's a prospective English buyer. Would be great to see the car back on these shores . .

24/08/2020 Roberts MGE . .

Scribe Andrew Roberts in MG Enthusiast magazine ponders on the 'What might have been' scenario with the WSM MGB.

16/07/20 Finest French SOLD . .

An immaculate Renault Clio 172 Sport with 50k on the clock, this 16v 2-litre pocket rocket has been cossetted throughout a pampered life. Always garaged, fully serviced and a pair of new front tyres make this a treat for someone.

11/04/2020 Easter . .

Unlike any other Easter before ! And joining the many in recognising those people in the front line are as selfless as it get's. Times have changed and post-Corona will see a difference to many lives. Keep well.

23/03/20 Corona Virus . .

This pandemic put's everything in to perspective, and when they close the pub's in Ireland, you know it's serious. It does restore some faith in human nature when you see the lengths to which people will go to when looking out for friends and the elderly. There has been the occasional outburst of indignation at 'panic buying', and quite rightly when the vulnerable or health workers rock up to find empty shelves, but sometimes that full trolley is for multiple households.

HMGov and Tynwald seem to have stepped up to the plate with almost unprecedented action. We're in this for the long haul without doubt, and the reverberations around the planet will be long lasting and mind-bogglingly costly.

We may not be covering any circuit miles for a while, but sunny days and empty tarmac over the Mountain help.

Hope you're all in good nick, and wishing you and yours well

20/03/20 Willastonians . . .

The Willastonians facebook group cater for the Willaston Pursuit drivers back in the day of the fabulous, and hugely missed racing that posed as 'sprints' around Douglas. First run in 1989 on a course similar to the British Empire Trophy circuit of the 1940's and 50's, the event attracted rare and fast cars to the unique setting. The onset of foot and mouth in 2001, allied to road closure objections and 'Elf and Safety' concerns meant an end to racing, but the Manx Classic continues in it's sprint and hillclimb guise at three locations every April . .

07/01/2020 Jaguar XK150 . .

The ex-Douglas Hull estate known as the 'Tow Car' is for sale. Designed and fettled by his friend Douglas Wilson-Spratt at Delta Garages and following the WSM line of cars constructed by Peels of Kingston, the car appears in pristine condition. For sale in Switzerland, the car got it's nickname after towing Hull's Gypsy Moth aeroplane from the hanger at Finmere, and trailering Patrick Lindsay's ERA to events. A 1970's hill climb in the Isle of Man was so wet that the Jaguar was entered and beat the ERA's time.