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25-30hp Rolls-Royce The “Wraith”  28 page, landscape brochure printed by Edson (Printers) Ltd, Essex St, Strang. Plastic covers have kept in good and complete order.


Rolls-Royce  Phantom 3,  45 page, portrait brochure printed by Edson. Good and complete order.


Bentley Drivers Club 21st Birthday Silverstone 3rd August 1957 souvenir programme..


Lotus Elan workshop manual 1.6 couple and hardtop. Original and complete.


Bristol 401, 402 and 403 brochure. Original and complete.


Bentley (Mk V1) brochure printed by H. Finch & Co. Original and complete.


1955 Members listing booklet. Original and complete.


1938 Vauxhall 25 colour brochure, 16pp, good condition.


1952 Pegaso Tipo 102 colour brochure. Rare. e


1938 Morris 10 series M 20pp colour, good condition.


1936 Railton Cars 28pp black textured cover, ‘Railton’ embossed black on silver background. Rare.


1937 Jowett 8hp brochure. Good condition.


1938 Vauxhall 14 brochure. 13pp, colour prints. Good condition bar staples rusted away.


1934 Austin Seven brochure. 6pp, good condition.


1936 Austin 14 brochure, 6pp, good condition.


Austin Mini large 6 x A4 fold-out brochure. Excellent example. Publication number 2286/B


Austin Mini Cooper S 2 x A4 brochure, excellent, publication number 2178/A


Austin Mini Countryman Mk 2 4 x A4 brochure, excellent, publication number 2439


MGB 14pp A4 brochure, excellent, publication number H & E 6555


MG1100 6pp A4 fold-out brochure, excellent, publication H & E 6419


Austin Seven 14pp brochure, excellent, publication 1793/B


Morris Twelve-Four 1937 20pp brochure, excellent, pub 4891


1937 Jowett 10hp 6pp fold-out brochure, vgc


1938 6pp A4 fold-out brochure, vgc, pub no 1677/3


1938 Austin Big Seven Saloons, 3pp A4 fold-out brochure, vgc, pub no 1677/2


1938 Riley Twelve and Sixteen, 20pp brochure, vgc


1939 Hillman Minx 6pp brochure, average condition and complete


1959 Jaguar XK150S - The Tow Car


Renault Clio 172 Sport 16v

The 2-litre ace in the range. This 2002 model has been cossetted throughout it's 50k miles. New tyres and simply immaculate throughout.

Telephone 01624 690023 / 07624 319613 or email


1963 WSM Midget 202

The only MG-badged version of the WSM A-series coupes and the second build in the manifest. Mike Lewis raced and hill climbed successfully with the car in 1963, and owners since include Robbie Gordon and the late Robin Pinkerton, before Rod Brisby in the 1980's and Paul Woolmer in 2000. A feature of the Rockingham Re-Union in 2001, on the Fordwater grid at the Revival in 2003, 2006 and 2010, Les Leston Cup grid at the 2015 Members Meeting and in the Weslake Trophy at Goodwood in March 2017. Contact for further details . .


to order - WSM Sprite 407 S2 (Sanction 2)

WSM 401 Sprint (left) and WSM 402 GT

'GT' for road use or 'Sprint' version for competition

'One of the few things Douglas insisted on when we asked for his approval to build WSM’s was that we adhere to his original mantra not to supply ‘kits’ for enthusiasts to build their own. This is exactly how he worked in period and in that way he kept control of the build quality of each car bearing his name . . .'

For further details select 'WSM S2' from the menu above. Telephone 01624 690023 / 07780 954290 or email


Spridget hardtop emigrated to Oz


Four Ally Cat wheels & slicks / Mk 1 screen from VBM 7 (one of the first Frogeyes produced)



WSM Sprite 405 S2 (Sanction 2)


WSM Sprite 403 S2 (Sanction 2)


WSM Sprite 402 S2 (Sanction 2)


WSM Sprite 406 S2 (Sanction 2)


G-LDWS Jodel Mascaret D150A

A lovingly restored aircraft that was orphaned in 2011 before completion

Built June 1964 as a D150A, Con No 48, by SAN in Bernay, Normandy

  • Registered in France as F-BMFC
  • Last recorded flight 9th April 1976
  • Total airframe hours = 1125
  • Continental O-200 engine = zero hours

For more details contact